General Questions

What should I do with my empty bottles ?

Once you have finished the milk in a glass bottle then please rinse out and leave out for your milkman to collect when he next delivers to you.  This is a really important part of what makes the Creamline milk delivery so good for the environment as the bottle will be thoroughly washed by us and used multiple times thus avoiding plastic or other waste entering the waste system.

I live in an apartment block, can I still have a delivery?

There are certain difficulties with access for a rounds person trying to make deliveries to apartments and in carrying the load upstairs, lifts and along corridors. If the building is fully accessible very early in the morning and not too large it may be possible for a milkman to deliver, but we will confirm this to you after we receive your application to set up an account. There are occasionally other logistical difficulties getting to addresses and regrettably if it is unsafe or unduly difficult to get to your address to make a delivery we may not be able to provide the service to you but this would be a rare occurrence. If you have any queries please call your local depot: you’ll find the right phone number on our ‘contact us’ page.

Do I keep the same rounds person if I am switching to online?

Yes. From time to time delivery rounds do need to be reorganised if there are too many calls for one person to deliver in a timely fashion, but we endeavour to keep these changes to a minimum.

Will I know who my "milkman" is?

Once your account is confirmed by us for active deliveries you will be served by a dedicated rounds person and you’ll be able to see their first name on your account. That will be your main delivery person, although from time to time they need a break and a supervisor or relief rounds person will cover for them. But we do have some excellent female 'milkmen' and use the term here in the same fashion as 'chairman' as that is how we are generally known. And besides, we deliver so much more than just milk!

Does Creamline deliver to other businesses?

Yes, we do! We have a wide range of business customers purchasing large quantities of milk and other catering and food service supplies, from small and large grocery retailers, to restaurants, cafes, factories, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. We deliver throughout much of the North West on our own dedicated chilled fleet of vans, light and heavy goods vehicles.

This area is much wider than the area we can deliver to for online residential accounts of the sort you can set up on the website, so please do contact us by phone or email to see what we can do for you. Please note that the postcode checker here does not begin to show the area we can cover for larger business purchasers.

Please use the "Business to Business" link in "Useful Pages" at the bottom right of this page to register your interest with your contact details and our sales team will get right back to you to discuss your requirements.

What are promotion & referral codes and how do I use them?

Promotion codes are codes issued on Creamline’s website, leaflets or other media. This code can be added to a promotion code input box on the check out on the Best of Local site. It will then apply some form of discount to future orders. Usually only one will apply at any one time. Details of promotion codes used and conditions, for example on spending levels, required to trigger them are given on the Vouchers section of your account.

Referral codes are codes issued by staff members, franchisees, or external organisations (sometimes for charity) who are promoting our service and who will be rewarded, when customers input this code, for the introduction and subsequent use of our service. It enables us to thank and reward those who are helping introduce people to our great service. You can only input a referral code once and a record of who the referrer was is kept in the My Details section of your account.

Often promotion codes and referral codes will be displayed together on leaflets or other media side by side, but they can be used separately and they don't need to be used at all. If you make a mistake inputting one, the website will let you know. Just look for the description in the input box to guide you.

You can come back at any time before your order is confirmed and input promotion codes and if they are eligible they will work on those orders.

In both cases terms and conditions apply, which can be found in the website terms and conditions section.