How do I know what I owe?

We will display a balance on your account in the My Account dashboard Order and Payment History, which will include all credits and debits and the current balance for goods delivered but not yet invoiced relating to the "Daily Essentials" side of the website (ie milk, bread, store cupboard items etc).

Payments are taken from your chosen credit or debit card on the Monday each week to clear amounts owed up to the previous Saturday which are invoiced up to that point. You will be sent a weekly email reminding you to log on to go online and look at your balance, deliveries and payments for that week, which of course you can do at any time. Invoice and payment details, including invoices in pdf format are stored on the Order Payment History section of the My Account dashboard.

Best of Local orders need to be confirmed normally by 9pm two days before your chosen delivery day, or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery. Payment will then be taken and so no balance is ever owing for these as if payment is not successfully taken, or the order is below the minimum order value at this time, then the order is cancelled and no charge or payment arises. Very rarely if a refund is made relating to a Best of Local order where part of the payment was by voucher rather than card then this amount when refunded will accrue back to your balance of account. All other refunds for Best of Local are credited straight to your chosen credit or debit card.

How can I pay?

NB: For customers prior to 2nd November 2015 there were two options:

1) Credit card or debit card recurring payment which you set up at the outset via the secure Sagepay system. At the end of each week on a Sunday the balance owing on your account is calculated after deliveries of "Daily Essentials" items up to the prior Saturday are confirmed and that amount is invoiced to your account, then debited to your card on the Sunday. Please ensure you update your card payment details online via Sagepay in advance of your credit card expiring, or in the event you lose, cancel or replace your card.

2) Weekly Direct Debit which is also set up at the outset using a paperless system. Once set up it will also take the amount owing at close of play on each Saturday and that amount will be collected from your bank the following week. This option has been unavailable to new customers or customers who also have Best of Local deliveries since 2nd November 2015.

Since 2nd November 2015, all new customers, and existing customers wanting Best of Local deliveries, will use credit or debit cards via the Sagepay system as Best of Local orders are invoiced and payment taken the day before delivery, for which direct debit is not suitable.

What if my Direct Debit doesn’t go through or my credit card is cancelled?

If there are any problems with the payment coming through they will be debited back to your account when we become aware of them and will be added back to your debt. Subject to the weekly spend allowance you may continue shopping in the "Daily Essentials" shop, however it may be necessary to fund your shopping with a one-off online debit or credit card payment in order for your deliveries to continue, whilst the problem with the regular payment method is being resolved.

For Best of Local orders if no valid credit or debit card is set up at the time of final confirmation of orders at 9pm two days before the day of delivery, then these orders will not be confirmed or delivered and the order will be cancelled. No charge or payment will arise.

Please do ensure you have enough money in your account to pay your weekly DD or that if you have to cancel a credit card due to loss or theft or it is due to expire that you update your details as soon as possible to prevent any interruption to your service. We also regret that in the event of a payment failure that we may charge your account £4 to cover the cost of bank charges and administration that we will face.

Can I still pay the milkman direct?

No, the online service needs to be settled online.

I am an offline customer can I pay for my account online?

I’m afraid not. You can pay your milkman by cheque or cash, or set up a direct debit on our offline system by requesting the form from your milkman and leaving it in an envelope for your milkman to collect or mailing it into your local depot.

What credit/debit cards do you accept?

We accept most debit or credit cards for both recurring and one-off payments. Look for the symbols at the bottom of the page or on Sagepay when you go through there to pay. We do not however accept Diners Club or JCB.