What do I do if I am going on holiday?

Once logged in with an active account, please use the holiday booking function on the website which is found by clicking on Hold my Orders with a 'pause' type symbol next to it. Use it to tell us the date of your last delivery and the first day you want us to deliver when you get back. We can help ease the strain of arriving back and finding an empty fridge. If you are not arriving back too late on a given day then we could leave the goods for you that morning.

Please don’t get in touch about your holiday by a note to your roundsperson as they cannot carry out this function for you. Please also set up a new 'hold' period for each holiday.

Please be aware that the Hold orders function will suppress "Daily Essentials" orders for that time but if you have a confirmed Best of Local order for which payment has been taken it is in transit and will either be delivered as stated on your order or returned to depot and held there for 24 hours pending collection. If this is a problem please contact your Depot by phone or using a support ticket in the My Help & Support link to make arrangements for this.

Please note that if we have to retain Best of Local orders at the depot after their normal delivery day, while every effort will be made to store the order well, we can no longer guarantee it will be as fresh as it would have been if handed over at the correct time. In any event we will only retain non-delivered Best of Local orders for 24 hours before they will have to be disposed of. Refunds will not be available for unsuccessful deliveries where we have followed the given delivery instructions.

Unconfirmed and as yet unpaid Best of Local orders will be suppressed by the Hold function.

What is the difference between a ‘regular order’, and a ‘one-off order’.

Your regular order is the repeating weekly order which will be delivered on any given Monday, Tuesday, Thursday etc if you leave it to run on and repeat. Set it up at the beginning and that is what will arrive on each day, every week unless you actively vary it or ‘hold’ (suspend) the service for a holiday. You can go on and change it anytime if you find you are getting too much or too little for your needs. Remember it changes your default order for each Monday etc.

This principle also works with the Best of Local orders where you can set up an order to repeat each Monday say with a core group of goods in it to meet the minimum order value. As long as you go on before 5pm the day before delivery, you can change either that one order or all future orders on that same day by clicking on the box in your weekly order calendar (click on My Acccount - My Orders to see this or future weeks).

A ‘one-off’ order is where you set up a delivery of a product for one day only or click on a specific future day and change the regular order that appears there up or down, or add other products not usually on your regular weekly order. It applies only to that particular day ie the following week the regular order will default back to its normal setting on that day. The same principle applies to Best of Local orders where you can just order certain contents once.

Please note that once a Best of Local order is set for a date (or dates in the event of it being a regular order) if you want to move it to another date you need to cancel that order and set up a new one on the new date. This is so the system can check for stock availability on the new date.

For computer logic reasons you cannot change a 'regular' order into a 'one off' type order.

What is a shifted order?

A 'shifted order' is an order that due to a bank holiday has been shifted to an alternative delivery day before the bank holiday, to ensure that you get your delivery. If you were due to get an order on the bank holiday date then you will be sent an email letting you know about the shift when we set it up. We move the order forward so that you will have the product over the holiday period. If you have put a 'hold' on orders then that will take precedence over any shifted order and the order will not be delivered on a day where you have put a hold on the orders. The best thing to do is to log in to your account and amend your orders to exactly what you want prior to the cut off point for order amendment.

Please note that holiday 'holds' put on after a Best of Local order has been confirmed at 5pm the day before your delivery date, will not then cancel that delivery and the order will be charged and delivered as normal. If you do not then wish to receive delivery please contact your depot to arrange for its disposal.

What days do you deliver on?

Log in with your postcode details to check which days our round is in your area –we’re in most customers’ area five days a week.

What happens on bank holidays and Easter?

On some bank holidays in some areas we don’t deliver, often because many customers are away on those days but also to allow our hard-working staff time off.

However, we will tell you in advance by email if there is to be any change to your order, so if you don't receive an email and you look at your account for that date and the order is still there for that day then it will be delivered as normal.

In the case of bank holidays that we will not be able to deliver, we will take the regular order for that day (usually a Monday) and add it to the order of the previous delivery day (usually a Saturday) – this is referred to on your account as a ‘shifted order’. We do this automatically and so unless you want to vary the regular order amount you need do nothing and you will receive enough milk, goods, fruit and veg to get you through the bank holiday.

Please note that Good Friday is normally delivered if it is a normal delivery day in your area.

How do I change my "Daily Essentials" orders?

Regular orders are set by the day of the week, based on the available delivery days in your area, and repeat each week unless you change them. You can change a regular order either by clicking on the delivery bar when in the Shop or by clicking on "My Orders" when in Your Account area.

You then see your regular and one-off orders for the days ahead and by clicking on the product there you can then change it up or down. Remember to click on "Edit my order" to get that change programmed in.

If an order is marked at 'delivered' or 'delivering' that means it is in the past and cannot now be changed, nor can an order be changed online after 9pm for the next day as they have already been sent to the depot for delivery (you can let your rounds person know by a note on the doorstep that you want a change).

If you want to increase a regular order temporarily the best way to do this is to go to the Shop, select the product you want, and opt for the "One off" option, take care in selecting the precise date you want and then click "Add to my delivery" to get it programmed in.

You change one off type orders at any time by clicking on the existing order in the delivery screen and changing the quantity and then pressing the "Edit my order" button to programme the change in.

To add a regular or one off order, after logging in then go to the basket on the right hand side and click on it. This will then show your weekly calendar view. To add a product just go to the milk section or other categories on daily essentials (light Blue tab) and click on the product you require, you will need either the first tab for a regular order or the second tab for a one off order. Once  you have chosen you can then find the date required and add the item to that day. Once you are finished if you again check your weekly view you should now see the product either as a regular or a one-off order for that day.

From the shop if you select any product you are always given the option of making it a regular repeat type order or a one off on a particular date.