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Creamline Charity Lottery

Before the National Lottery was a glint in John Major’s eye Creamline was running a local lottery scheme with its doorstep milk customers to raise money for local charities and good causes.

After over twenty years of operating Creamline has paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds to charities, and paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds in prizes to its customers. All in all it has done fantastic things for some very good causes and our customers have had a lot of fun doing it!

Principally we support Francis House Children’s Hospice and St Ann’s Hospice both in Manchester on a long term basis in the excellent work that they do providing respite, relief and support to people at the hardest time in their lives.

“Thank you so much for supporting St Ann’s Hospice, and we hope you will continue to support us for the foreseeable future, we would also like to thank all your customers on your behalf for their support in the purchasing of the lottery tickets, which you then pass on to St Ann’s.” Margaret Beck, Community Events Officer, St Ann’s

“Francis House is grateful to Creamline Dairies for their continuing support and dedicated service”. David Ireland, Francis House

We also support various charities put forward to us by customers and staff who operate in our locality be they national or local. For example the Salvation Army work with the homeless in Manchester, Age Concern Salford and the Hope Hospital Brain and Spinal Injury Fund. We make smaller donations to non-registered charities such as school and community sports teams, budding musicians, brownies and cubs groups to do fun and productive things in our community.

In supporting these good causes you can also have a lot of fun. Half of all the ticket sales are paid out in prizes with a weekly draw of several £100 and £50 prizes and a 10 weekly larger draw with a top £1000 prize and then a number of £500, £250, £100 and £50 prizes as well. It might not allow you to re-locate to the Caribbean but you are more likely to win it and £50 in the mail at breakfast is certainly a very pleasant surprise.

How does it work?

Just follow the link below and add a set number of 20p tickets to your normal weekly shopping basket (minimum weekly order is 5 tickets). You will be assigned some lottery numbers which are yours for the duration of your membership and your account will be billed each Friday to the value of the number of tickets you have bought. Please note that we require one week’s notice to cancel your membership of the lottery and that accounts in arrears from normal terms will not win a prize even if they are picked. When you go on holiday you will continue to be in the lottery scheme and will be billed even if you have no physical deliveries of produce in those weeks. Prize winners names will be published on the News section of our website weekly and prize payments are sent out in the mail to your registered delivery address.

Join here 

Join Here

Lottery registered with Salford City Council, No: 053129. Promoters: CD Swallow and RKB Purvis of Creamline Dairies.