Creamline Charity Lottery

Creamline’s Charity Lottery - what’s it all about?

Creamline’s own local lottery scheme has been up and running for over 25 years and has collected close to £1.5 million – a staggering amount, all thanks to our Creamline customers.  

It’s still a firm favourite with our customers and helps raise money for local charities and good causes across the North West. 

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Creamline's weekly draw: how can I sign up?

1 - To enter Creamline’s Charity Lottery, you’ll need to set up a Direct Debit with Creamline. It’s quick & easy - simply follow the steps below. This Direct Debit form is for the Creamline Charity Lottery only and won’t be used to process payments for any other purchases on the Creamline website.

2 - Click the ‘Join Creamline’s Lottery’ button & follow the steps to select the number of ticket entries you would like each week (minimum weekly order is 5 tickets at 20p each) then continue to set up a Creamline Direct Debit.

3 - You’ll be given your (hopefully!) lucky lottery numbers, for the duration of your membership you’ll be billed about 4 days before the end of each calendar month. The draw takes place every Friday. Head to Creamline’s Ts & Cs page to find out more or the FAQs section below.

4 - Details of the lucky winners will be shared on Creamline’s News page, with weekly prizes sent out in the post to the winner’s registered address.

What could I win?

Half of all the ticket sales are paid out in prizes, with a weekly draw of several £100 and £50 prizes and a 10 weekly larger draw with a top £1000 prize and then a number of £500, £250, £100 and £50 prizes as well.

It might not allow you to relocate to the Caribbean but you are more likely to win it and £50 in the post at breakfast isn’t a bad surprise!

Your lottery tickets have helped families across Manchester

As a company we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to local charities and paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds to customers.

By signing up and having fun with the Creamline lottery, you’ll be supporting our principal charities, Francis House Children’s Hospice and St Ann’s Hospice, who provide respite, relief and support to Manchester families at the hardest time in their lives - as well as being in the running to win weekly cash prizes.

As well as supporting our principal charities, we’ve also helped a whole host of other initiatives, including:

Age Concern Salford
The Salvation Army’s work with the homeless in Manchester
Hope Hospital Brain and Spinal Injury Fund
Smaller community groups and schools

“Thank you so much for supporting St Ann’s Hospice, and we hope you will continue to support us for the foreseeable future, we would also like to thank all your customers on your behalf for their support in the purchasing of the lottery tickets, which you then pass on to St Ann’s.”
Margaret Beck, Community Events Officer, St Ann’s

“Francis House is grateful to Creamline Dairies for their continuing support and dedicated service”.
David Ireland, Francis House


Why should I set up a Direct Debit for the Creamline Charity Lottery?

In 2020 the Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards to place bets or enter lotteries online, to help safeguard people that may need it.
Many of our Creamline customers do not use a credit card to enter Creamline’s Lottery, but to be sure we’ve put the correct provisions in place, we are helping customers set up Direct Debit payments.

Can I use my Direct Debit payment for other items on the Creamline website?

The Direct Debit form is for the Creamline Charity Lottery only and won’t be used to process payments for any other purchases on the Creamline website.

What day will my monthly Direct Debit be taken out of my account?

On or around the 1st day of every month your Creamline Lottery Direct Debit payment will be collected from your account.

Once I’ve signed up to the Direct Debit, when will I be entered into the draw?

To enter Creamline’s Charity Lottery, a Direct Debit form will need to be set up by the Sunday, for participation in the following Friday’s lottery draw.

How can I cancel my Lottery tickets?

You can cancel at any time, although you cannot be taken out of the lottery for that week once the week has started. If you do cancel at the start of a week then you will be entered into the next draw but won’t be entered into subsequent weeks.
In order not to be entered into the Creamline Charity Lottery, simply press the ‘cancel’ button found on the lottery page, or raise an online ticket with the Creamline team, who will be able to cancel your tickets for you.
Please do not cancel your Direct Debit with your bank as we will do this for you after we collect your final balance due for your lottery tickets.

Why have you limited it to £10 maximum spend per week?

To be fair to all players, we’ve limited the maximum weekly spend on the Creamline Lottery to £10. The Creamline Lottery is a small, community based raffle - so we wanted to make sure it could be as fair as possible, with equal opportunities for all. 

You can find further information on the Terms & Conditions page

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Creamline donation to Francis House bake sale
Creamline donation to Francis House bake sale
100K raised for St Ann's Hospice
100K raised for St Ann's Hospice