Best of Local

What should I do if my box or some of its contents were not delivered?

Please log in to the Creamline website and complete a support ticket. The team will be pleased to take steps to ensure you receive what you have ordered or, failing that, to refund you. 

How will my Best of Local order be delivered?

Creamline already delivers milk, fruit & veg and other daily essentials to thousands of homes in and around Greater Manchester, with a fleet of electric floats and vans ready each day to deliver products straight to doorsteps. When you shop our Best of Local selection, your order will be delivered by Creamline's rounds people, so if you are a returning customer you'll be met by a friendly face.

Your deliveries will be handled with care and all meat and fish products will be packed with frozen capsules – so you can be confident that your produce will be beautifully fresh and temperature controlled. As with dairy produce, please refrigerate all meat and fish as soon as you take delivery.

Fish is not available for Monday or Tuesday deliveries, as we like to be able to promise perfectly fresh produce and our fishmonger does not go to market on a Monday morning. Please log in to your account to view your weekly delivery days, as these may change in times of high demand. 

How do I order from Best of Local on

If you are an existing Creamline online customer using our "Daily Essentials" shop (that is milk bread, juices etc in the 'blue' part of the website) then just click on the black Best of Local link. You'll then be able to set up an order for any available delivery date.

If you pay by DD you will be prompted to set up a new credit or debit card payment method via Sagepay. We can only deliver from the Best of Local department after receiving an advance card payment. Customers currently need to confirm orders by 9pm, 2 days before their chosen delivery day, or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery. Payment will then be taken. 

If you are a new online customer and have successfully completed a postcode check, simply start adding items to your Best of Local box, selecting an available delivery date. Once you've met the minimum £5 spend and have hit the 'order' button, you will be prompted to set up a credit or debit card payment method via Sagepay. Just put in your details, pay a small £1 deposit into your new account to verify your card (which will be set against your first invoice) and your order is now set up.

When setting up your Best of Local order it works slightly differently from Creamline's "Daily Essentials shop" service.  For current Daily Essentials orders, customers are required to confirm orders by 9pm, the night before their next available delivery day.

How do I change the contents of my Best of Local order?

Go to your weekly delivery calendar by clicking on the weekly dates in the top right of the screen when you are logged in, which will show your current orders of both Best of Local and Daily Essentials items.  

Creamline will send you confirmation of your order and take payment 2 days before your chosen delivery day, at 9pm, or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery. We’ll let you know by email exactly what we are bringing to your delivery address and the amount charged to your card.

You can go to your account's weekly calendar view and look for future Best of Local orders you have placed and by clicking on them you will be offered the chance to edit the order. This functionality may be removed at times of extreme external supply issues.

For 'one off' orders just select the 'edit this order' option. For regular weekly orders choose to either 'edit just this order' or 'edit all orders'. The latter will change each repeating weekly order from the selected date onwards.

The edit options take you back to the order fill area (on the right-hand side) where you can then add new products from the product catalogue on the left in the normal manner, or amend quantities in the order fill area for products already set up, including deleting products. You can also cancel the whole order by clicking the "cancel this order?" link. It will ask if you are sure before you do.

Please note that regular weekly type orders cannot be changed back into 'one offs'. If you want to do this we would recommend you cancel the regular order once the delivery date has passed and then select a previous order as a template when you set up a future 'one off' type order.

When you are ready to proceed with the amended order then press the 'finished' button and you will return to your weekly calendar view showing your amended order and value on the appropriate day.  Please note that in times of high demand delivery slots are limited and editing an existing order risks losing the slot if your browser session times out, is interrupted or you adjust the delivery date on the order - please make delivery amendments sparingly and quickly and without changing any of the delivery date or instructions.  It will not be possible for us to reinstate orders once delivery slots are lost in this way. 

How do I change the date of my Best of Local order?

When you place your Best of Local order, our system has to do checks on stock availability for your chosen date and so once you have finalised your order (by clicking the 'Checkout’ & then ‘Confirm Order’ button) and it is up on your weekly delivery calendar the date cannot be changed. However, you can cancel it on that date by clicking on that order and following the "edit this order" and then "cancel this order" links. You can then start a new order on your preferred date.

When you select the new date you can use a previous order from recent weeks to use as a template for this from the grey tabs next to "do you want to reorder?" so it is not difficult to set up the new order with your regular favourites.

Or if you want to live on the wild side, explore Creamline's Best of Local selection and try a different combination!

Please note that in periods of high demand delivery slots are limited and attempting to change the delivery date on an existing Best of Local order may lead to loss of the existing delivery slot and with no guarantee that the future slot can be confirmed.  In this case you are best to set up a new order for the new delivery date before you then go in and cancel the existing order fully (before the confirmation cut off time at 9pm two days before the day of delivery, or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery).  We regret we are unable to reinstate orders for delivery slots lost in this way.

I prefer to pay by DD, why can't I use this for Best of Local deliveries?

This is because Best of Local orders need to be paid for in advance of delivery so that we can catch up with our local partner producers and draw together all the different elements to fulfil your order and deliver it to your home. As DD takes several days to process from the time of invoice it is not a suitable payment method for this service.

We will maintain DD for those customers who set up this form of payment prior to 2nd November 2015 and only want to use the Daily Essentials side of the website, but if you want to receive a Best of Local order, you will be prompted to set up a credit or debit card based payment method as part of the process of setting up your first order.

It doesn't take long and we will continue to bill your weekly "Daily Essentials shop" items in the same way, once per week in arrears. We handle all the rest and will cancel your DD mandate with BACS in due course.

There is very little difference between DD and card payment and details of your Creamline orders and payments can be found on the ‘Order & Payment History’ section of the website. You just need to update card details when they expire, are lost or stolen. Cards are all processed through the PCI accredited Sagepay system and Creamline does not process the payments.

DD has not been available to new online customers since 2nd November 2015.