Setting up my account

Once I’ve set up my account, can I unsubscribe from Creamline emails?

If you’re a registered customer, Creamline will need to send you service emails to confirm your order, delivery day and account information. At Creamline you’ll only receive service emails when we need to share vital information about your account. To unsubscribe from these emails customers must deactivate their account. These emails are separate to marketing emails, which you can unsubscribe from without affecting your service or important service emails.

I have forgotten my login ID or password, what do I do?

Please follow the forgotten ID/Password procedure at the login. Emails will be sent to your specified email address with the details. Failing that contact your local depot who will be pleased to help. Please note that they cannot give the details over the phone but will email it direct to your designated email.

How will my milkman know that I am now an online customer?

The milkman will be informed that you are now online and what your new regular order is to be. Every day he will get a report and a download to his delivery terminal telling him what goods you have ordered for that day and if you have changed your regular order for that day. Your milkman will close your former offline account by clearing any amount owed, in the normal manner once you pay him, but thereafter it will all happen automatically by your chosen online payment method. So, don't worry - leave it to us!

Is there a maximum order value?

Once you have successfully set up your debit or credit card and paid your small £1 payment to validate your card, your account will become active. You will have a spend allowance of £20 as your "Daily Essentials" purchases are billed weekly up to a Saturday in arrears. If you wish to spend more than this allowance you can always fund your account with a one-off payment by going to the My Account dashboard and then Payment Methods-Make One Off Payment. If you feel your spend allowance should be increased please contact your depot or an online Administrator using the My Help & Support ticket function in My Account but this will not generally be amended until you build up some payment history with us.

Best of Local orders are currently finalised, confirmed and paid for by your chosen credit or debit card normally at 9pm 2 days before your chosen delivery day or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery.

and so do not form part of your current account balance for the "Daily Essentials" side of the website. They are therefore not limited by the £20 spend allowance so as long as your bank account is funded and/or your card details are up to date when each Best of Local order is confirmed then the maximum value is what your finances and card issuers or our stock holdings permit .

Very occasionally for logistical or credit control reasons we may be unable to commence deliveries to a potential customer and we will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case.

During the Covid-19 period we are experiencing high demand on certain stock lines which may mean we have to restrict numbers of items available to purchase sometimes at short notice.

Is there a minimum order value?

All we ask is that the total value of your regular weekly order in the Daily Essentials shop (for milk, bread, eggs, store cupboard essentials etc) is maintained at a value of £3.00 or over. This is to ensure it is economic to deliver to your home. Please feel free to make amendments to your order up or down on the daily order screen for specific days, and of course you can suspend your account temporarily using the "Pause your deliveries" section of your My Account Dashboard.

In the Best of Local store there is a minimum spend of £5 per order, which then also qualifies you for free delivery.

I just want a one-off order, is that OK?

This service is not really appropriate for you, as it will take us a little time to set up your account and it is designed to meet your weekly requirements for the medium to long term.

However, we’d really like to serve you on a regular basis. Whether that’s delivering your morning milk, other daily essentials or items for the home or garden.

We also provide a Best of Local service, which includes a selection of Manchester and Cheshire’s very finest butchers, bakers, cheese specialists, grocery and fruit & veg suppliers, as well as deli items. As a Creamline customer, you can receive free delivery to your home, if you place your order by 9pm two days before the day of delivery or by 9pm on Friday for a Monday delivery.

All you have to do is set up an account with a regular card payment method and you can enjoy this fresh, local, convenient delivery service FREE, straight to your home. Why not try it today?!