Setting up my account

Once I’ve set up my account, can I unsubscribe from Creamline emails?

If you’re a registered customer, Creamline will need to send you service emails to confirm your order, delivery day and account information. At Creamline you’ll only receive service emails when we need to share vital information about your account. To unsubscribe from these emails customers must deactivate their account. These emails are separate to marketing emails, which you can unsubscribe from without affecting your service or important service emails.

I just want a one-off order, is that OK?

This service is not really appropriate for you, as it will take us a little time to set up your account and it is designed to meet your weekly requirements for the medium to long term.

However, we’d really like to serve you on a regular basis. Whether that’s delivering your morning milk, other daily essentials or items for the home or garden.

We also provide a Best of Local service, which includes a selection of Manchester and Cheshire’s very finest butchers, bakers, cheese specialists, grocery and fruit & veg suppliers, as well as deli items. As a Creamline customer, you can receive free delivery to your home, if you place your order by 5pm three days before the day of delivery.

All you have to do is set up an account with a regular card payment method and you can enjoy this fresh, local, convenient delivery service FREE, straight to your home. Why not try it today?!

If I am switching from an offline account to online how does it work?

You should follow the link at registration indicate that you are an existing offline customer and register your online account via this route.  This will help us identify you in the process and will considerably ease the process of transfer.

Once we have assigned a rounds person to serve you (probably your existing one) and confirmed your next date of delivery, your roundsperson will set your offline account orders to zero and deliver to you based on your online orders.

If you owe any money from previous offline orders, please pay the amount you owe in the normal manner to your roundsperson. Please note that if you are a current direct debit customer on the offline system, you will need to set up a new credit or debit card payment method for your online account (your old DD mandate can be cancelled once we have taken your final payment to clear your offline account) as that is the payment method for our online system.

Once you are an online customer all regular order changes or changes to specific day orders and holiday 'pause' periods must be carried out via your online account.

How long will it take to receive my first delivery?

Once your credit or debit card has been validated by way of a small £1 payment (which is credited to your account), you can commence setting up orders for the day after tomorrow, by placing your order today by 9pm. You will have a spend allowance of £20 per week. You can always fund your account with a one-off payment by credit or debit card, if this spend allowance is insufficient. If you require a higher spend allowance than this, please contact our administrators - using the My Help & Support section of Your Account - who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Please note that Creamline reserves the right not to serve any given potential or existing customer at its own discretion if it is not satisfied that the location can be easily served or credit quality is in question.

Best of Local orders are confirmed and paid for by your chosen credit or debit card three days before the day of delivery, at 5pm and do not form part of your current account balance for the "Daily Essentials Shop" side of the website which is billed weekly in arrears, up to each Saturday. So, to receive your Best of Local box, all you need to do is make sure your bank account is funded and/or your card details are up to date when each order is confirmed.

How will I know my account is live and that Creamline is ready to commence deliveries?

Once you have successfully set up your debit or credit card and paid your small £1 payment to validate your card, your account will become active. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration data and once this is processed you can start setting up orders in the "Daily Essentials" part of the website. 

You will have a spend allowance of £20. If you wish to spend more than this you can always fund your account with a one-off payment by going to the My Details page on your account and scrolling to the bottom. The option to make a one-off payment is there.

Best of Local orders are currently finalised, confirmed and paid for by your chosen credit or debit card 3 days before your chosen delivery day, at 5pm. These orders do not form part of your spend allowance or current account balance for the "Daily Essentials" side of the website, which is billed weekly in arrears up to each Saturday. So, to receive your Best of Local box, all you need to do is make sure your bank account is funded and/or your card details are up to date when each Best of Local order is confirmed.

Very occasionally for logistical or credit control reasons we may be unable to commence deliveries to a potential customer and we will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case.

How many accounts can I open?

As long as you put in a valid address, identity and payment details you may set up several delivery addresses (max 3) at different locations under your main account. Once logged in with an active account you can set up an additional delivery location by going to My Account dashboard and then Delivery Addresses. Each delivery location will be served separately, potentially on different rounds, but you will receive one bill and payment collection for all of them. Why not set up a delivery for your elderly parent or student child? Please bear in mind that the regular weekly order value needs to exceed £3 per order at each location for Daily Essentials deliveries and £5 per order for Best of Local deliveries.