Best of Local

I prefer to pay by DD, why can't I use this for Best of Local deliveries?

This is because Best of Local orders need to be paid for in advance of delivery so that we can catch up with our local partner producers and draw together all the different elements to fulfil your order and deliver it to your home. As DD takes several days to process from the time of invoice it is not a suitable payment method for this service.

We will maintain DD for those customers who set up this form of payment prior to 2nd November 2015 and only want to use the Daily Essentials side of the website, but if you want to receive a Best of Local order, you will be prompted to set up a credit or debit card based payment method as part of the process of setting up your first order.

It doesn't take long and we will continue to bill your weekly "Daily Essentials shop" items in the same way, once per week in arrears. We handle all the rest and will cancel your DD mandate with BACS in due course.

There is very little difference between DD and card payment and details of your Creamline orders and payments can be found on the ‘Order & Payment History’ section of the website. You just need to update card details when they expire, are lost or stolen. Cards are all processed through the PCI accredited Sagepay system and Creamline does not process the payments.

DD has not been available to new online customers since 2nd November 2015.

What is the quickest way to set up a Best of Local order?

Once you have selected a date for delivery the quickest way to make up your order is to use the category on the top bar such as 'ButcherBaker', 'Greengrocer' or 'Deli' and then click 'Add' on each product to put that type of product into your Best of Local box. You will see your order total next to the box image to the right go up as you add each product.   Work your way through each category and then when you have done this scroll down the box fill area and amend the quantities.

You can either edit the quantity in the little free edit box or use the up/down arrows to vary the quantity. Please note that as the order has to update as you change each quantity or delete a product there is usually a slight delay as it calculates this so please don't click too rapidly as some changes may not go through. The free edit box is best for setting a number e.g. 6 than the up/down arrows which are better for fine tuning the quantity by one in either direction.

Then just select your type of delivery (one off or weekly), delivery option, ensure the terms and conditions remain ticked and hit "Check out" to finalise your order. You will then be able to see the order in your calendar view for the week of the order you have just finalised to show you all your orders for that week.  You can also see upcoming orders in the "Current Orders" section on your My Account dashboard.