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Creamline Dairies don’t currently deliver in my area

Creamline’s own delivery rounds are mainly in and around Manchester, Stockport and Warrington but we do have affiliated Independent Milk men and women who we supply with their milk. If they have registered their delivery area with us and you live within it you will see contact details for them. Please call or email them and set up a delivery – it will be milk from us, but they will do all the delivery and billing using their own systems. Although these affiliates are very good at what they do, Creamline can only vouch for the quality of the milk that we supply to them.

I live in an apartment block, can I still have a delivery?

There are certain difficulties with access for a rounds person trying to make deliveries to apartments and in carrying the load up stairs, lifts and along corridors. If the building is fully accessible very early in the morning and not too large it may be possible for a milkman to deliver, but we will confirm this to you after we receive your application to set up an account. There are occasionally other logistical difficulties getting to particular addresses and regrettably if it is unsafe or unduly difficult to get to your address to make a delivery we may not be able to provide the service to you but this would be a rare occurrence. If you have any queries please call your local depot: you’ll find the right phone number on our ‘contact us’ page.


Where will my milk come from?

All milk in the Creamline label will come from selected high quality farms in the North West of England within about a 30 mile radius of our dairy in Eccles. These farms are principally in Cheshire run by dedicated family farmers who we personally know well. We are proud to support local, British and Cheshire farmers and we hope you will be too!  Why not read some of the personal stories about our farmers and milkmen in the Meet Us section.

Do I keep the same rounds person if I am switching to online?

Yes. From time to time delivery rounds do need to be reorganised if there are too many calls for one person to deliver in a timely fashion, but we endeavour to keep these changes to a minimum.

Will I know who my "milkman" is?

Once your account is confirmed by us for active deliveries you will be served by a dedicated rounds person and we will put their name up on your account. That will be your main delivery person, although from time to time they need a break and a supervisor or relief rounds person will cover for them.  But we do have some excellent female 'milkmen' and use the term here in the same fashion as 'chairman' as that is how we are generally known.  And besides, we deliver so much more than just milk!

Does Creamline deliver to other businesses?

Yes we do!  We have a wide range of business customers purchasing large quantities of milk and other catering and food service supplies, from small and large grocery retailers, to restaurants, cafes, factories, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. We deliver throughout much of the North West on our own dedicated chilled fleet of vans, light and heavy goods vehicles.  

This area is much wider than the area we can deliver to for online residential accounts of the sort you can set up on the website, so please do contact us by phone or email to see what we can do for you. Please note that the postcode checker here does not begin to show the area we can cover for larger business purchasers.  

Please use the "contact us" feature at the bottom of this page to register your interest with your contact details and our sales team will get right back to you to discuss your requirements.

What is this new green fruit & veg link on the home page?

We are pleased to now be able to offer a full fruit & veg delivery service.  You can build your own box choosing competitively priced items that you and your family want from a fantastic range of fresh fruit and veg from New Smithfield Market.  We'll then deliver your box for FREE alongside your everyday milk, bread, eggs and other convenience store items.  Quite simply, you choose what you want and as long as your order for a particular day is over £10 in value, we'll deliver.

As a guide we will refer to the original part of our online offering as the "convenience store" which continues with the blue background theme, and the "Fruit & Veg Store" which has a green background theme just to let you know you are in a different part of the site.  

The way of ordering is slightly different between each.  To find out more just click on the Fruit & Veg section of FAQs.