How else can you cut down on your plastic waste?

How else can you cut down on your plastic waste?

At the start of the month, we challenged you to two weeks of challenges for Plastic Free July! As we approach the end of the month, we explore what other ways we can cut down on plastic waste.  

Plastic Free July and documentaries such as the BBC’s War on Plastic have brought attention to how we should be cautious of committing to “better recycling” of plastic. Most supermarkets have signed up to The UK Plastics Pact, which means they’ve pledged that 100% of plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. However, more widely recyclable plastic does not necessarily equal better for the planet. It may trap us into thinking we can use as much plastic as we like – as, well, it’s recyclable after all, isn’t it? Yet, as the BBC’s War on Plastic finds, our focus should be on reducing, not just recycling because the process is never 100% clean, is costly and uses up a lot of energy.

To keep things simple, for us and for the planet, we’re better off ditching plastic all together where we can! Explore our 100% plastic free aisle HERE.


Week 3: Plastic-free on the go and in the home

Using your own carrier bags when out and about is a no-brainer and many shops have ditched plastic bags in favour of paper. Reusable coffee cups have also been around for a while, but how often do you forget to bring one out? We know we often do – in fact, only 1 in 6 who own reusable cups say they remember to use them every time they buy a hot drink. So, we’re here to remind you! You can even save yourself a few pennies every week since many coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own cup.


While they may be convenient, sadly a lot of on-the-go meal deals are abound with plastic packaging. Changing up to homemade lunches can help you reduce your plastic waste – plus, there’s endless delicious and healthy options. Try out our yummy recipes below which are perfect for batch-made lunches. Keep them in reusable containers in the fridge for that same on the go convenience, just without the single-use plastic!


Warm mushroom salad

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable couscous

Roasted sweet potato salad


In the spirit of summer, whiz up our watermelon smoothie recipe and serve in a pretty glass mason jar and garnish with mint for a refreshing drink on a warm day. Often, blending up the ingredients yourself feels more special than buying a smoothie, not to mention they’re heaps healthier than supermarket ones that are full of sugars and preservatives.

Discover the full recipe HERE.


Week 4: Reward yourself with plastic-free treats

Going plastic-free doesn’t mean skimping out on your favourite treats. In fact, many of your favourite local producers’ jams, relishes and condiments already come in pretty glass jars. From Mrs Darlington’s delicious preserves, jams and chutneys made to traditional recipes, to a host of cheese truckles crafted by The Cheshire Cheese Company (think gin & lemon, garlic & black pepper, and even chilli, lime & tequila, plus many more!), going plastic-free can certainly be very rewarding…

And that’s not forgetting our glass bottled fizzy drinks. Our retro fizzy drinks offer a taste of nostalgia and, along with your milk bottles, can be popped back on your doorstep when they’re empty for your milkman to collect. Explore our full range of plastic-free treats HERE!

Once you’re finished with your glass jars, the possibilities are also endless! You can reuse your glass jars for overnight oats, serving up crudites or to store homemade sauces.

Or why not get crafty with your jars? An afternoon of painting and crafts is a great way to get the kids creative over the summer holidays – a crafty glass makes for a lovely personalised penholder or storage! Used glass jars can also double up as makeshift lanterns with tealights. If you’re after a night of DIY relaxation, why not make a homemade face mask? After pampering, you can save the rest in a jar for later.

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