Pledge less plastic: how can you help?

Pledge less plastic: how can you help?

Tuesday marked the UN’s most important day for raising awareness of our environment, with World Environment Day highlighting the biggest threats facing the planet.  

This year, unsurprisingly, the focus was on plastic pollution. Hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, plastic pollution has become a global problem. If present trends continue, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish – a statistic that highlights the enormity of the problem.

With an estimated 8.3bn tonnes of virgin plastic produced to date and only 9% of this plastic being recycled – it’s time to think of ways to reduce consumption.

Here are our top tips:

·         Always try to reuse where possible. Instead of plastic bags and bottles, invest in quality bags for life, and a reusable bottle/cup for water and hot drinks. With Creamline, we make it easy to recycle – with up to 40 uses out of one glass bottle!  

·         Avoid single-use packaging, such as disposable cutlery and plastic straws. A great way to do this is by carrying reusable utensils with you!

·         Cook more! Choosing takeaways means containers and plastic bags – and cooking at home is healthier, too. We have a huge range of delicious recipes that you can try, so there’s no excuse not to get busy in the kitchen.

·         Shop in bulk. Rather than shopping little and often, buying in bulk means that less packaging is used overall. Try to choose jars where you can. We have a lovely range of condiments in jars, from horseradish sauce to jam. Browse them here.

These small changes can all help make a huge difference – if you’d like to make the switch to glass bottled milk, just head here.

And don’t forget, here at Creamline, we’re passionate about local produce too, which all helps to reduce food miles and support local businesses. 

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