Make the most of April’s bounty with these 3 scrumptious seasonal recipes

Make the most of April’s bounty with these 3 scrumptious seasonal recipes

April is full of surprises. It’s a month where the weather can’t seem to make up its mind – sunny one minute, rainy the next. But amidst all the unpredictability, there’s one thing you can count on… the arrival of delicious, fresh seasonal produce! As you know, we’re all about making the most of local produce here at Creamline – not only because it’s when food is at its freshest and tastiest, but because it supports local farmers and helps to lower food miles. To celebrate the lovely produce that April welcomes in, we’ve compiled our top pick recipes from across the internet that you can try in the kitchen. Explore our Best of Local range to discover the delicious seasonal produce which we can bring to your doorstep.


Ham, egg, and asparagus tart

This delicious recipe from Olive Magazine makes the perfect brunch dish or light midweek meal to enjoy with the family. A surprisingly simple dish to make, the tart combines the flavours of succulent ham with slightly sweet asparagus spears atop a buttery puff pastry crust. You can elevate the tart by using our sliced ham, expertly prepared and cooked by Little Pigs Didsbury.

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Oven-baked salmon with charred onions and radishes

Say “hello” to spring on a plate! This delicious EatingWell recipe combines succulent salmon fillets with charred onions and crunch radishes for a dish that’s as good for you as it is delicious. With the salmon’s high protein and omega-3 fatty acid content and plenty of vitamins from the fresh veg, you can make this your go-to healthy recipe this April. Our Scottish salmon fillets have been exclusively sourced by our local fishmonger and are delivered at their freshest.

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Lemon drizzle cake

Easter might be over, but we always have the appetite for a lemon drizzle cake… There’s nothing quite like the sweet scent of lemon to get us feeling springy on a sunny, airy afternoon! Lemon drizzle cake is a true delight and this BBC GoodFood recipe helps you to bake up only the moistest, zestiest crumb and a tangy glaze. And we couldn’t agree with BBC GoodFood’s suggestion of making two at once, since the classic lemon drizzle is simply so moreish!

While this recipe is easy to make, if you fancy trying a lemon drizzle cake made by the pro bakers, we have a delicious one available from Thatcher’s, a family-run bakery based in Stockport. Add it to your next Best of Local order here!

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