Keeping the kids busy this Universal Children’s Day

Keeping the kids busy this Universal Children’s Day

It’s no secret that this year and its series of lockdowns have been tough on little ones. Although the schools are still open, filling that spare time stuck indoors can seem like an impossible task!

Universal Children’s Day has inspired us to have a think of some of our top tips and ideas for keeping kids entertained, especially in the kitchen. Getting stuck into some cooking can come with a range of benefits for children:

It encourages them to tickle their tastebuds! When kids play chef, they can be persuaded to try ingredients and dishes that they normally wouldn’t – making future mealtimes easier too!

It helps them build key skills. Whether it’s adding up measurements or reading out recipes, their maths and literacy skills can be put to good practice!

It’s a great use of quality time. Peeling the kids away from their screens and getting them doing something practical with their siblings is a brilliant way to break up the days at home.

With that in mind, here are a handful of our top recipes to get started with this weekend.

Banana Pancakes – why not kick the weekend off with a classic breakfast? Younger children will love mixing the batter whilst older kids can have a go at flipping!

Bacon & Tomato Soda Bread – bread is the classic dish when it comes to really getting stuck in. Ideal for sitting back whilst the kids do the kneading!

Goat’s Cheese & Red Onion Quiche – a surprisingly easy recipe to prepare, this is one of the best dishes for introducing new flavours and getting kids to choose their favourite ingredients.

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