The Euros are here! Celebrate with our new bundle

The Euros are here! Celebrate with our new bundle

The warm breeze of summer (if we’re lucky and the rain subsides!), the smoky aroma of barbecues, and the excitement of football can only mean one thing... The Euros are finally here! Whether you're a die-hard fan or just a lover of the festive atmosphere, there's no better way to celebrate this competition than with some mouth-watering food. 

Kick-off with our delicious Euros bundle 

To help you celebrate in style, we’re thrilled to introduce our online exclusive Euros Barbecue 6 Pack Bundle. This specially curated and locally sourced package has everything you need to make your gatherings unforgettable. 

Here’s what’s on offer: 

6 x Beef Burgers: Thick, juicy, and full of flavour – a true barbecue classic. 

6 x Pork Sausages: Perfectly seasoned and ready to grill, these sausages are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. 

6 x Lamb & Mint Kebabs: Succulent and flavourful, these skewers will bring a touch of gourmet to your festivities. 

6 x BBQ Chicken Wings: What’s better than some tangy wings to add an extra kick to your feast? 

2 x White Barms: Soft, pillowy and fresh, ideal for your beef burgers. 

2 x Hot Dog Rolls: Perfectly baked to complement your sizzling sausages. 

3 x Tomatoes: Fresh and ripe, perfect for topping your burgers or adding to summer salads. 

2 x Onions: Crisp and flavorful, essential for any great barbecue spread. 

This lineup is guaranteed to make everyone at your Euros celebration happy – even if Gareth Southgate’s doesn’t! 😉 

Looking for some extra additions? 

Dive into our latest summer range. It’s packed to the brim with locally sourced, seasonal produce – perfect for any occasion! 

Discover our tempting selection, ranging from BBQ favourites to artisanal breakfast spreads enjoyed outdoors and irresistible picnic delights. Whether you're gathering under the sun for the Euros, soaking in the atmosphere of Wimbledon, or simply relaxing with loved ones – we've got everything you need! 

Ready to elevate your Euros experience? You can shop our Euros Barbecue 6 Pack Bundle today. But hurry – this offer is only available until July 15th! 

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