Stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions… with the help of Creamline!

Stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions… with the help of Creamline!

If you turned your attention to setting resolutions, you’re in good company: 58% of people in the UK say they’ve made a New Year’s resolution for 2023 so the tradition is stronger than ever. This equates to a whopping 30 million British adults determined to make a change for the better in 2023! Whether you’re trying to form healthier habits, looking to go greener, wanting to learn a new skill or more, we’re here to help you with some tips on how to stay on track and achieve your goals…


Make a plan

Made a plan? Great, that means getting specific about your goals, which in turn makes it more likely you’ll stick to them. Setting a concrete goal in your sights helps avoid the ambiguity that clouds many New Year’s resolutions. For example, instead of simply resolving to eat healthier, you can set a goal such as making sure to eat your 5-a-day or eating three more meals a week containing only whole foods. Within your plan it’s a great idea to spread your goals over a 12-month period rather trying to change everything in January – an easy way to get frustrated. This is where a week-by-week planner such as Dairy Diary can come in handy, to allow you to plan in the present and look back on your progress over the year.


Enjoy the process

Being in a hurry to achieve your goals is a common trap many people fall into entering the New Year. Impatience, burnout or even simply boredom is no fun, so it’s important to enjoy the process (and cut yourself some slack!) when it comes to New Year’s resolutions

Making your New Year’s resolution a fun habit you chip away at daily is one of the best ways to stay committed. For example, you can avoid making exercise a chore by trying out a new sport or workout. Or, you can make healthier eating 10x more enjoyable by experimenting with new recipes, fruit and veg you wouldn’t normally eat, and new spices. We’ve got an array of recipes for you to draw inspiration from here, plus the Healthier Comfort Food Cook from Dairy Diary for comforting, filling recipes that still contribute to a well-balanced diet while being super fun to whip up.


Want to go greener?

Cutting down on plastic is a key area many people will look to for their New Year’s resolutions this year with an ever-increasing light shone on the harm single-use disposable plastic does to our planet. Turning to traditional glass-bottled doorstep delivery for your milk and juice is an easy way to go greener while giving you the feel-good factor in the meantime. If you’ve already made the switch to glass bottles, take delight in browsing our 100% plastic-free produce range here.

Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint and often the most successful resolutions are ones which easily fit into your everyday life without disruption over the long term and give you that daily sense of magic!


Get your friends and family involved

It can be tricky to stay motivated in the long run if you go it alone, but with the help of a few buddies, you’re better set to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you join forces with a friend, family member or colleague to work on a shared resolution together, or you simply share your hopes for 2023, having social support can massively spur you on to stick to your goals and make positive decisions.

And don’t forget, you can help your friends cut down on their plastic waste too by recommending Creamline to them. When they register, you’ll each get £5 credit on your accounts – that’s your first week of plastic-free milk sorted! Head here to find your unique referral code in your online account. 

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