Celebrate the King’s Coronation like royalty with our cream tea special offers!

Celebrate the King’s Coronation like royalty with our cream tea special offers!

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming bank holidays, there is an added sense of excitement in the air as we prepare to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. The coronation, a time-honoured ceremony steeped in history and pageantry, is a momentous occasion for us to come together and celebrate as a nation.

And to mark this special occasion, we’re delighted to offer two scrumptious regal food and drink bundles to help you and your loved ones enjoy a royal celebration in the most quintessentially British way possible: with afternoon tea and scones!

So, get ready to bring out your ornate plates and delicate teacups and enjoy an afternoon of refinement with these delicious bundles (with a super saving to be had!)…


Afternoon Tea for Four

There’s no better way to celebrate this historic occasion than with luxurious afternoon tea and with our special offer, there’s enough to go around for four! You and three loved ones can indulge in an afternoon of elegance with a combination of fruity tea cakes and chocolate chip muffins, topped with Mrs Darlington’s one-of-a-kind strawberry jam and washed down with Worker Bee’s Everyday Breakfast tea.

With treats sourced directly from the finest food producers in Manchester and Cheshire, you can be sure you’re supporting local British businesses while enjoying the coronation!

Order your bundle in time for the coronation weekend here.


Summer Cream Tea for Four

Start summer early with our scrumptious Summer Cream Tea for Four bundle. With four lovingly baked sultana scones from Thatchers, creamy Clotton Hall Dairy clotted cream and Mrs Darlington’s strawberry, this bundle has everything you need to enjoy the coronation in true British style.

Order the bundle here and enjoy free delivery to your doorstep in time for the bank holiday.

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