A new partnership from the Peaks!

A new partnership from the Peaks!

It’s rare you’ll find anyone as passionate as us about the use of glass bottles in the fight against plastic – we’ve been championing our glass bottled milk range for years. But teaming up with Crag Spring Water, we’ve found suppliers who are equally proud of helping people switch from plastic to glass.

It’s the perfect partnership – here at Creamline, we’re proud to support local producers, and by teaming up with Crag Water we’re helping to encourage more and more people to reduce their plastic consumption.

Crag Spring Water’s rural origins

The family business has an interesting history! A couple of years ago, Doran Binder and family bought a pub in a small rural village in the Peak District. Unbeknownst to them, there was a natural spring hidden right there in the grounds of the pub! The plot thickened as they discovered that the water was almost completely free from nitrates and sodium, and therefore classed as premium grade spring water. The family decided to share this hidden gem with local consumers, opening up a small bottling plant nearby.

Crag’s environmental aim

The family didn’t stop there. From day one, Crag Spring Water have used beautiful glass bottles to distribute their fresh water and are proud to be the first water bottling company in the north to reuse their bottles. They wash, refill and re-use them – so you can simply leave the empty bottles alongside your other Creamline glass milk bottles to be picked up again!

If all this has left you thirsty for more, click here to order from their range, as part of our Daily Essentials shop. You can choose from still or sparkling, so it’s sure to keep the whole family happy!

Head here to hear more from Doran too, and find out what he has to say about reducing plastic and the Crag Water partnership with Creamline. 

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