We’ve got plans for our plastic free range!

We’ve got plans for our plastic free range!

Here at Creamline, we’re always trying to find new ways to provide a sustainable service for our customers, including the launch of a plastic free aisle – helping customers passionate about reducing plastic spot the items not packaged in plastic.

And having received feedback from customers that it wasn’t completely clear which products were plastic free, we’ve kicked into action. We’ve redesigned our plastic-free icon, for a clear and easy way to signal which of our products are completely free of plastic packaging, so that you can be extra confident in the products that you are ordering.

Our efforts to be environmentally friendly already include glass-bottled milk and juice - which are reusable and topped off with recyclable foil lids, making them an eco-friendly alternative to plastic milk bottles found in supermarkets. As well as a range of water, juice, fizzy drinks, fruits and vegetables, and our most recent additions: Ann Forshaw’s Luxury Yogurts and our new range of banana, chocolate and strawberry flavoured milk- all completely plastic-free!

What makes things even better is that the vast majority of our products are delivered using electric-powered milk floats, making our deliveries both convenient and efficient for our customers and our planet!

Through our ‘Plastic free’ section coupled with our ‘Glass is Greener’ campaign, Creamline is striving to combat the use of single use plastic, and become even more environmentally friendly. The team are working hard to widen the range of plastic-free products that we have on offer, we hope to make more products completely plastic-free in the New Year.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new plastic-free icon! Click the link HERE to shop our plastic-free range.


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