Spring has Sprung!

For many of us the arrival of better weather and longer days is synonymous with paddling pools, playing outdoors, barbecues and sunbathing, meaning one thing; get those gloves on because it’s time to spruce up the garden!

Now more than ever, I’m sure many of us are feeling very grateful to have a garden, however big or small it may be. So, it’s the perfect time to get out into your little space and show it some TLC! Here are our top three tips and tricks for getting ahead in the garden, to ensure that it’s summer- ready for the whole family to enjoy come June. 

Number 1:

For those of you hoping to grow summer veggies from seeds, remember the importance of hardening. Begin to gradually introduce your plants to the outdoor environment, increasing their exposure daily, until they are ready to be left outside permanently. 

Number 2:

It’s certainly not our favourite job to do, but it’s vital that we keep on top of the weeding! As our beautiful plants start growing, they’re at risk of being killed by fully developed weeds- so it’s imperative that you pull out as many weeds as possible- remember the sooner it’s done, the better!

Number 3:

Get ahead nice and early, by staking your plants that are set to grow tall whilst they’re still only a few inches high. This will help to prevent them being blown down or damaged in windy weather. 

So, lawnmowers, rakes and wheelbarrows at the ready, it’s time to spring into action! 


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