Slicing into British Sandwich Week!

Next week is British Sandwich Week and in anticipation, were getting stuck in to the world of sandwiches! Come with us as we take a journey into finding out more about this humble snack and of course some new recipe ideas, to give you a bit of lunchtime inspiration. After all theres more to it than just well, sandwiching some food between two slices of bread: its an art!

Sandwiches Through the Ages

The first recorded invention of a sandwich was 2100 years ago, when Rabbi Hillel the Elder put a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices and a little wine as sauce between two pieces of matzoh flatbread. Designed to represent the mixture of bricks and mortar used by enslaved Jews, who were forced to construct buildings for the ancient Egyptians.

There are records in Britain during the middle ages that say many used big pieces of stale bread called Trenchers instead of plates. These edible plate alternatives would be piled upon with meat, gravy and vegetables, which would then soften the bread: making a kind of open sandwich.

Sandwiches are thought to have got their name from the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who as a hardened gambler would not want to leave the table to stop gambling. He would order a piece of salted beef between two slices of toasted bread as a quick snack. Others would ask for the same by ordering the same as Sandwich: a term which soon stuck and shortened to sandwich.

Sandwich Inspiration

Suffering from a soggy sandwich? Look no further, weve got some fresh sandwich ideas to keep creativity levels high and hunger levels down!

·         Poppy Topped Meatball Sub: if youre a fan of Subways Meatball Marinara, why not make your own at home with our high quality, locally sourced ingredients? Just slice our malty fresh poppy seed rolls and generously layer in some of our meatballs in tomato sauce. You could even add in a few crumbles of Black Bob extra mature cheddar for a sharp-tasting twist.

·         BLT Plus: the BLT is a firm favourite and for good reason. However, if youre looking to add an extra twist to your BLT, add a touch of our Dijon mustard for a fiery kick that will add a whole new element of flavour. Alternatively, a bit of spicy tomato and sticky onion chutney is the perfect way to add a fruity yet spicy tone.

·         Pulled Chicken Barm: you might have seen a lot of pulled pork around but why not try out a healthier alternative? If you have a slow cooker, try adding a some of our free range chicken breasts, along with onion and our sweet Mandarin BBQ sauce to create a lip smackingly good sandwich filling. Its low in fat but high in protein! It goes incredibly well served on our fluffy, fresh white barms.

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