Perfecting the Christmas roast…with a little help from Little Pigs Didsbury!

Perfecting the Christmas roast…with a little help from Little Pigs Didsbury!

It’s fair to say that Didsbury’s Little Pigs butchers know a thing or two about perfecting a Christmas roast. Whether it’s classic turkey or a juicy beef joint, they’ve put together some of their tips and tricks to help you serve up a scrumptious feast this Christmas Day.

Some rules go for all roasts:

  • Remove your meat from the fridge around half an hour (an hour for turkey crowns) before cooking.
  • Before cooking, cover and leave on the side until your joint reaches room temperature.
  • After cooking, always rest your meat in a warm place before serving – cover with foil and allow the juices to re-absorb.

Depending on what you’ve ordered in for the big day, some specific rules apply…

Classic turkey crown

The roasting rules…

  • Baste your turkey regularly by spooning over the meat juices every 20 minutes – this step is really important!
  • The best way to check if your turkey is ready is with a meat thermometer – poultry should always be fully cooked through, at a temperature of 75°C, with juices running clear.

Perfectly cooked pork

The roasting rules…

  • For the best crackling, ensure the skin is thoroughly dry and rub in coarse salt after scoring.
  • Again, use a meat thermometer to check that your pork is fully cooked through to 75-80°C

Tip-top lamb and beef

The roasting rules…

  • Again, check with a meat thermometer at the thickest part of your joint to check it is cooked through. For a rare joint, the temperature should be 45-50°C, for well-done aim for 65-75°C.

We hope your Christmas feast is a huge success!

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