It’s not too late to try Veganuary with Oato!

It’s not too late to try Veganuary with Oato!

January might be over halfway through, but it’s definitely not too late to join the Veganuary movement! While we might be known for our traditional dairy products, we also have a range of dairy-free goodness to bring to your doorstep. And while you might not want to go all out vegan for the remainder of January, this is the perfect time to try some alternatives like glass-bottled Oato alongside your regular milk…

With the arrival of options like Oato in recent years, it’s now easier than ever to try plant-based alternatives while enjoying all the other things you love about traditional milk delivery service – convenience, returnable and reusable glass bottles and supporting local producers.


Oato: a fresh take on milk alternatives

Before Oato, the only plant-based options available were in cartons and often imported with non-UK ingredients, Carl Hopwood, the founder of Oato, explained to us in our ‘Meet the Producer’ interview.

Like Creamline milk, Oato is also 100% British sourced and is produced locally. Made with a select group of key ingredients, Oato arrives on your doorstep super fresh. This delicious drink is a combination of 100% British oats, British rapeseed oil, filtered Lake District water, British iodised salt, acidity regulator (to ensure that it doesn’t split in tea or coffee!) and added calcium, vitamins and B-glucans. The result is a delightfully creamy oat drink that’s perfect for adding to tea and coffee, pouring over your favourite cereal, or simply enjoying on its own. Quick tip: make sure to shake the bottle before pouring as oat drinks tend to naturally separate after standing still!


Chocoloato: Where sustainability meets indulgence

If you’re already a fan of Oato, you’ll also love Chocoloato (perhaps even more!). As the name suggests, Chocoloato is a sumptuous chocolate-flavoured oat drink made by Oato, and it’s best enjoyed on its own, in a hot chocolate or even as a luxurious addition to your favourite desserts – Chocoloato brownies anyone?! Staying true to the ethos of Oato, Chocoloato is not just about great taste, it’s also about bringing sustainability to doorsteps. Like Oato, Chocoloato arrives on your doorstep in returnable and reusable glass bottles.


Alpro favourites

We also offer a range of Alpro milk and yogurt plant-based alternatives, which are perfect for pairing up with granola and fruit this Veganuary. From Alpro strawberry yogurt to coconut drink, there are plenty of flavours for you to discover – all with the convenience of free doorstep delivery from your milkman.


Try some dairy-free goodness today

It’s never too late to try some plant-based alternatives. And whether you’re a long-time vegan or just looking to explore plant-based options alongside your regular milk deliveries, our traditional doorstep service means you can skip the supermarket trips.

Explore our full range of dairy-free alternatives by clicking here

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