How is milk made? See the magical process that happens at our Eccles milk processing plant

How is milk made? See the magical process that happens at our Eccles milk processing plant

Have you ever paused mid-sip of your morning coffee and wondered about how that perfectly frothed milk ends up in your latte? Well, wonder no more as the fantastic folks behind Shout About Farming recently visited our Eccles dairy for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our processes.

Our Operations Manager, Lee Catling, shared the secrets of how we turn farm-fresh raw milk into the delicious milk that ends up on your doorstep – plus a special look into the process behind Brades barista-grade milk which you’ll find in cafes and coffee shops around Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

So, grab your coffee, and click here to watch the video on Shout About Farming’s YouTube channel.

From farm-fresh to perfectly pasteurised

Before heading inside our dairy processing plant, Lee gives a run down of our proud 79-year history in Eccles, where we process and distribute milk to our five depots in Trafford, Stockport, Warrington, Manchester (foodservice) and Kendal.

Now, onto the main event: the milk-making process! The journey of your milk begins when tankers of milk from local farms arrive at the dairy, before being transferred into our silos. What follows is a slick series of steps to ensure that each drop of milk meets our high standards of quality and taste before it’s bottled up for delivery to your doorstep…

First up, pasteurisation! We heat the raw milk to a precise 74.6 degrees, which bids farewell to any pesky pathogens while keeping all the goodness intact. Next comes homogenisation – the fancy term for ensuring that our milk stays silky smooth and consistent, just the way you like it.

Once pasteurised, we separate the cream from the milk before it heads into our standardiser machines. This is when the different milk varieties like whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed are created. Once we’ve reached the perfect ratio of cream to skimmed milk to achieve the desired fat content for each milk variety, the milk is sent up to our gleaming finished product tanks.

After this, the milk is then bottled on our high-speed filling lines. These lines, include a dedicated line for Brades milk, spring into action to ensure efficient and hygienic bottling of milk. We fill approximately a whopping 100,000 litres of milk a day!



Brades Milk: The Secret to Superior Coffee

You’ll want to watch to the end of the video for the special feature on Brades barista-grade milk. Its higher fat (4.5% in its whole milk and 1.8% in its semi-skimmed milk) and protein content creates superior foaming that results in latte art that lasts, with a rich flavour experience to enhance every cup of coffee. The best part? It’s not solely made for cafes – thanks to our doorstep milk delivery service, you can get experimenting with latte art at home. Simply add a bottle of Brades whole barista milk to your Daily Essentials order and we’ll do the rest, with free delivery to your doorstep.

Taste the Creamline difference

Want to see the process happening with your own eyes? Head to Shout About Farming’s YouTube video by clicking here. Discover our entire range of Creamline milk by clicking here.


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