How full fat milk helps your grocery essentials do more

How full fat milk helps your grocery essentials do more

We all have certain grocery essentials we rely on to give us our core dietary needs - milk and milk products for calcium, cereal for fibre, and so on.

But we often don't think about how one food can work with another to make them even better for us, or how a drink can do the same thing.

In a recent Daily Mail article, the publication notes the importance milk plays in helping the body to absorb vitamins A and D.

However, it is the fat in milk in particular that helps us to absorb these vitamins, whether from the milk itself or from the other grocery essentials in our daily diets.

On top of that, the simple fact is that the body feels fuller faster when there's slightly more fat in milk and milk products - and this satiating effect can compensate for the fat levels.

Nutritionist Katy Mason tells the newspaper: "Fat helps to make us feel fuller and more satisfied after eating, so we may not actually consume any more calories than when we choose skimmed milk.

"Drinking full fat milk is therefore not necessarily a less healthy choice than skimmed milk."

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