Goodness - Bottled!

Goodness - Bottled!

At Creamline we certainly don’t think glass bottles have had their day!  Whilst this isn’t the message that’s coming from all quarters of the milk industry, we’re proud to offer our customers what we believe is the perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. 

Of the 700,000 or so litres of milk we process every week at our state-of-the-art bottling plant in Eccles, around 35% is bottled in traditional glass.  Equating to about 650,000 pints of milk being delivered in glass bottles every week, this tells us that the great British tradition of glass bottles of milk clinking merrily on the doorstep isn’t about to disappear.

Last year Creamline invested heavily into ensuring our processing facilities remain at the forefront of the industry, so we know that whilst customers might come to us for a friendly, reliable and local service that’s steeped in tradition, we’re also offering an extremely relevant hi-tech 21st Century service. 

Just like seeing the milkman on his rounds makes people feel like they’re part of a community – glass milk bottles give us a sense of heritage that us Brits are so proud of. 

One customer from Didsbury, said:  ‘’I love picking milk up from the doorstep in the morning.  For one, it’s really convenient and makes me feel I have my morning under control, and secondly it’s a lovely homely and reassuring part of my day – especially when it’s in a traditional glass bottle!’’

Creamline makes returnable glass bottles extremely easy and hassle free: our rounds people simply pick up rinsed-out bottles when they’re making their rounds.  Plastic containers are also now really environmentally friendly, but many people like to feel they’re doing their bit for the environment by using and returning. 

Our thoughts on the future of glass bottles?  Whilst plastic bottles are, of course, extremely popular, we think there will always be a place for the glass bottle, which in its own small way  holds a certain iconic status! 

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