Get (b)ready – it’s Real Bread Week!

Get (b)ready – it’s Real Bread Week!

Perhaps one of our lesser-known celebrations, Real Bread Week is currently in full swing. All about supporting your local, independent bakery, as well as baking your own. Luckily with Creamline, both of these are easy!

Knead to know

Historians believe that humans have been enjoying bread for at least 30,000 years. Prehistoric man would have baked the first bread by mixing water and grains, and frying on hot stones – delicious! Tortillas, pittas and naan breads would all have started out this way – worlds apart from the fluffy loaves we’re used to these days. Humans probably discovered the use of yeast to rise bread by accident, and the first recorded yeast production can be dated back to 300 B.C., in Ancient Egypt.

Since then, bread has played an important role in our diets, from the bakeries of Ancient Rome to the ‘trenchers’ of the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution meant that bread could finally become widely available, even to the poor – and bread is now one of the most consumed foods in the world!

Supporting local

If this has fanned the flames of your doughy passion, why not try our range of delicious freshly baked bread? As part of our Best of Local fare, these lovely loaves have all been baked by Stockport’s Thatcher’s Bakery, which means you can support local from your sofa! From fluffy oven bottom barms to oval ciabattas, there’s something for everyone.

If you’d rather get your own hands floury, we’ve got just the recipe! It doesn’t get better than this for bread in a hurry, with no need to wait for the dough to rise. We’ve added bacon and tomato, for a deliciously savoury flavour. Click here to get started!

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