Fresh milk delivery and other great tea debates

There are plenty of never-ending debates about what makes the perfect cup of tea - starting with fresh milk delivery to make sure you never run out, if you like your cuppa to be a milky one.

People disagree too over whether a glass or plastic bottle makes a difference to the flavour, and as we offer fresh milk delivery in glass bottles and in plastic cartons, you can make your own mind up on this one.

Last week we spotted an article in The Guardian claiming that you should put the milk in first, as pouring it into hot water (or hot tea) affects the proteins and doesn't taste as good.

But then there's the opposing argument that says boiling water needs to be poured directly on to the tea bag for the leaves to infuse properly - without cold milk already being in the cup.

The compromise - and the traditional method - is to make the tea in a pot, and then pour it from there into a cup containing the right amount of milk.

Everyone has their own method though, so whether you prefer milk first or milk last, the important thing is to make your morning cuppa the way you like it best.

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