Drink Up, it’s Nearly Time for World School Milk Day!

Drink Up, it’s Nearly Time for World School Milk Day!

Next week on 27th September, it’s officially World School Milk Day and we’re already counting down the days! The annual UN event is now being celebrated for the eighteenth time, after starting in 2000. Read on for some history about the day, milk nutritional facts and ideas for how schools can get involved.

World School Milk Day Across the Globe

Now celebrated in over 30 countries around the world, the UN Farming & Agriculture Organisation’s event is held to appreciate how milk is such an important food product to children in schools around the world. Children learn about where milk comes from, life on the farm and the many products that uses milk as an ingredient.

Milk Matters!

Milk is a hugely important dietary component for many children and adults alike, here are some facts about it…

·        Packed with things that are good for us – an average glass of milk provides all of the following: calcium, magnesium, selenium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and B5!

·        Around the world, cows produce 85% of all milk, whilst you might be surprised to find out that buffalos make 11% and camels make 0.4%.

·        Globally, only 42% of all milk is sold as liquid milk – a lot of it goes towards the creation of butter, cheese and dried milk products.

·        Just two countries produce 30% of all the milk in the world: the USA and India.

Celebrating World Milk Day

There are loads of ways your family can get involved in World Milk Day, here are some ideas for children to suggest at school or even try out at home:

·        Share a milky message – create a song or poem all about milk, where it’s from and what nutrients contains.

·        Create a milk mural – using packaging from old milk cartons, boxes and bottles – create a colourful wall display all about milk, perhaps one about Creamline’s very own Mabel the Cow!

·        Many products beyond butter and cheese contain milk – go undercover and find out products you’d be surprised to find contain milk. Some tip-offs… look out for tomato sauces, cereal bars and even some brands of crisps.

·        Famous Face and Local Places – Watch our own informative video, full of fun facts and the journey that milk takes from the farm to the kitchen table.

Have a moo-vellous World School Milk Day from everyone here at Creamline!

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