Dreaming of a green Christmas? Our top eco-tips

Dreaming of a green Christmas? Our top eco-tips

A recent study estimated that the UK creates 30% more waste at Christmas, with approximately 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. If you’re a Creamline customer, chances are you’re already on board with glass milk bottles, plastic-free packaging and shopping locally. So why not go that step further this festive season? There are lots of simple tips and tricks that can help make your Christmas that bit greener.

  • Choose your tree with care. Each year, up to 8 million Christmas trees are bought in December in the UK alone. Artificial trees can last for years but are not necessarily the most eco-friendly option when it comes to manufacture and disposal. Tree rental services are now available, and if you’re looking to buy a real tree look for the FSC certification.
  • When it comes to Christmas dinner, turkey is the star of the show. If you’re keen to be kinder to the planet, choose local and support farmers in the area where possible – a doddle with our locally, expertly sourced Christmas range straight from Little Pigs Butchers! Remember to freeze or donate any leftovers too.
  • Decorating and making your home feel festive is one of the long-established joys of Christmas. Choosing natural materials such as pine cones and holly is a more sustainable option, as are long-lasting decorations made from glass or wood.
  • Most of us love receiving Christmas cards, but an e-card is by far the most sustainable choice. Alternatively, look for cards with the FSC certification, which means they have been produced sustainably and ethically.

Keep your eyes peeled for more festive blog posts over the next few weeks. And don’t forget to stock up with our Best of Local Christmas range, with premium meat, delicious bakery items and all the festive accompaniments to choose from! 

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