Get your garden in tip top shape this autumn with our special offers

Get your garden in tip top shape this autumn with our special offers

With our composting offers, it doesn’t take mulch to get your garden into tip top shape this autumn. Whether you need a few bags to keep your plants thriving or you want to stock up for a big job, we’ve got some super savings – and we’ll also do the heavy lifting. Take a look at our compost offers below and find out why autumn is the perfect time to spread compost…

3x compost bags - £9.99
2x compost bags & 1 decorative bark bag - £12.50
6x compost bags - £18.99

Make the most of mid-autumn composting

In mid-Autumn, the rain sets in and the temperature drops – with that, your grass plants experience a growth spurt! Compost is packed full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria and fungi that’ll help your plants to thrive in this growth phase.

Once it’s added to plant and flower beds, the compost benefits your plants straight away, but there’s one gardening trick that’ll make the most of your compost, so get ready to get your spade out… Doing some spadework and mixing the compost with the soil is the best way to ensure your garden is getting all the nutrients. Spreading and mulching compost on top of the soil is a great way to reduce weeds and add nutrients to the earth as the compost will have broken down into the soil by spring. However, compost that just lies on top of beds can dry out quickly and lose some of its nutrients, especially if there’s no rain. A little spadework goes a long way and can keep your plants protected through the winter months!


Finish off with some decorative bark

Once you’ve given your garden some compost TLC, add the final touches with some decorative bark. Our 2x compost bag and 1x decorative bark offer is perfect for getting the job done. Tidy up your outdoor space by adding decorative bark around flower beds. It keeps your garden looking pristine while supressing weeds and making flowerbeds and borders much easier to maintain. What’s more, as bark chipping breaks down, it slowly adds extra nutrients into the soil – a double win!


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