Doorstep Milk Delivery Means Fewer Convenience Store Trips

Our doorstep milk delivery service means you always have the amount of fresh bottled milk you want, brought to your home several times a week. It's a great British tradition that's been going on for generations - the sight of the milkman making his rounds, popping your head out the front in the morning to pick up your doorstep milk delivery.

But it's arguably better suited than ever to the way we shop these days, as fewer people are carrying cash with them, and most people don't like using their card to pay for just a few items.

Research from Thinkmoney shows that 41% of people aged 18-24 carry less than £5 in cash with them on a normal day, and even in the 35-44 age group, the figure is still 35%.

But 60% of people don't like using their card to pay for small items in a shop - so why not order your bottled milk and grocery essentials online instead? 

You avoid the awkwardness of using your card at a checkout for a purchase of just £1 or so, while benefiting from the convenience of having your milk and dairy products brought to your door on a regular basis.

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