Doorstep milk delivery helps morning drivers recover

Doorstep milk delivery helps morning drivers recover

Having a doorstep milk delivery waiting for you in the morning can be a big help, compared with the nightmare of finding the fridge emptier than expected.

Doorstep milk delivery means you always know how much you will have, without having to make any detours to the shops - either when you're running late on your morning commute, or when you just want to get home at the end of the day.

And it seems many early-morning motorists opt for a glass of the white stuff to get their day off to the right start.

In a survey by car insurance provider Admiral, 9% of men and 7% of women said a morning glass of milk is their antidote to a heavy night before.

Even more - 16% of men and 12% of women - opt for a cup of coffee, although the study didn't mention how many of those cups are of the strong, dark type, and how many are milky.

In either case, it is clear that hydrating is an effective start to the day, and together pure bottle milk and cups of coffee account for about a quarter of morning commuters' preferences.

With doorstep milk delivery to ensure you're never faced with an empty bottle, maybe it's time to join them, and keep yourself feeling fresh behind the wheel when you've just woken up.

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