Creamline ALWAYS pays over market rate to our farmers

Creamline ALWAYS pays over market rate to our farmers

If you follow our blog and the trade press, you will know that the supermarket milk price war has been making headlines for months, if not years.

The problem is quite straightforward - many shoppers want their milk to be as cheap as possible, regardless of the consequences, and the supermarkets use their big-name buying power to drive the wholesale price as low as possible too.

But it's not sustainable, and it's driving Britain's dairy farmers to breaking point. Something has to change!

We work differently, and when we say local milk delivery, we really do mean local - all of our farmers are located close to our dairy. This allows us to create genuine long-term working relationships, as well as saving on transport costs, and it's kinder to the environment as a result too.

Most importantly though, we always pay a premium above the usual wholesale market price - for the milk supplied to us.

For our customers that means peace of mind that we are doing the best we can for our local farmers and this will give us the best chance to sustain our local dairy industry for generations to come.


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