Chocoloato: Indulge in Oato’s delicious new oat drink

Chocoloato: Indulge in Oato’s delicious new oat drink

Devilishly delicious, crafted with sustainably sourced low-impact UK oats and packaged in eco-friendly glass-bottles, Chocoloato here is here to tempt your tastebuds. Served chilled out of your fridge, this creamy oat drink is just like the original Oato you know and love, with a heavenly chocolate twist! Interested in finding out more about the origins of Oato, plus the tastiest uses for Chocoloato? Read on and don’t forget to  grab your bottle here.

Oato: sustainability in every sip

Creamline and Oato were a natural fit from the beginning, with a shared passion for all things sustainable and supporting local. Founded by Carl Hopwood in the North West, Oato is crafted in Lancashire, using the best British ingredients that are 100% natural, letting people across the country experience a healthy non-dairy alternative. For a healthy dose of nutrition and flavour, Oato key ingredients include whole British oats, filtered Lake District water, British rapeseed oil, British Iodised salt and calcium vitamins – you’ll find the same ingredients in Chocoloato Oat Drink, just with natural cocoa, yummy!

It's not just its ingredients that make Oato a shining example of eco-friendly beverages: this alternative to dairy milk is also exclusively packed and delivered in glass bottles. A truly sustainable packaging option, all our glass-bottled products are recycled indefinitely since glass doesn’t degrade during the recycling process – so you can be content that you’re being kind on the planet while sipping.

And unlike most oat drinks lining supermarket shelves, Oato doesn’t use food grade cartons, packaging that is often seen as more sustainable than plastic. However, these cartons unfortunately have limited recycling options and aren’t widely recycled, meaning a significant number of them end up in landfill. Even when food grade cartons are recycled, they are typically down-cycled into other product that often can’t be recycled themselves, further contributing to waste. Oato forged its own route to sustainability by bringing back the traditional glass pint bottle to help those looking for an eco-conscious substitute for dairy milk. And we couldn’t be more excited to deliver its delicious chocolately companion to your doorstep in our milk floats.


Perfect for mochas and more

Chocoloato is not limited to being a standalone beverage. Unlock its incredible flavour by pairing it with your other favourite drinks. Imagine adding a generous pour of frothed Chocoloato to your morning coffee for a creamy and chocoloaty twist – the perfect start to the day. Or, for a double serving of choc, why not add this plant-based alternative to your hot chocolate?

Chocoloato is a real treat across the breakfast table and offers a scrumptious of sweetness and deep rich chocoloaty flavour when added to cereal. So, whether you’re an avid coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a sweet hit of chilled chocolate goodness in your day-to-day, we’re here to deliver it straight to your doorstep.

Experience the magic of Chocoloato today!

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