Back to basic Brits reach for the bottle milk

Back to basic Brits reach for the bottle milk

It's no secret that bottle milk contains lots of things that are good for you - and calcium is the first thing many people would name.

But protein is also making a comeback in many people's dietary priorities, and that is helping to put bottle milk more firmly on the menu in many households too.

According to consumer analysts Mintel, 86% of all UK consumers recognise the importance of protein in order to stay healthy.

The dairy industry is responding to this, with 11% of new high-protein products in 2013 coming from the dairy industry, and a fifth of those launched in 2014 through until the end of July.

But ordinary bottle milk is already a good source of protein, containing both whey and casein, which together are beneficial for muscle building and recovery after exercise.

And milk at breakfast time makes sense too - almost two thirds of those surveyed by Mintel (63%) said they agree that protein is a good way to feel fuller for longer.

That makes protein-rich drinks a useful way to stave off hunger, and consuming them earlier in the day makes for a good balance, Mintel conclude.

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