Cereal and bottle milk - a match for the ages

Cereal and bottle milk - a match for the ages

For many people, bottle milk is for two things: cups of tea, and bowls of cereal.

And when it comes to cereal, one name still stands strong in the minds of people everywhere - John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of the corn flake.

But you might not realise that, as you splash your ice-cold bottle milk on to your bowl of breakfast cereal, you are putting together a pairing that Kellogg helped to make a healthy household standard in 1922.

The BBC reports that, as the 20th century got underway, processes like pasteurisation helped to make sure milk and milk products could last for longer.

At the same time, the purity of milk - symbolised by its pure white colour - made more and more people view it as a healthy product to consume.

Historian Deborah Valenze tells the BBC: "You might say it was an age of health foods and health movements."

In amongst all of this was John Kellogg, who firmly believed in eating pure and simple foods, such as corn flakes and fresh milk.

As the century went on, milk and milk products became valued more for their vitamin content than their other nutrients, although to this day we appreciate milk's calcium content and its healthy fats.

Today though, cereal and milk are so closely associated with one another, it's hard to imagine a breakfast that contains one and not the other.

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