Announcing our six Christmas Deserving Doorsteps

Announcing our six Christmas Deserving Doorsteps

We’re delighted to announce our Christmas Deserving Doorsteps winners! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking you to help us find two Deserving Doorsteps to bring some Christmas magic with a beautiful hamper brimming with festive food worth over £100. As we received nearly 150 heart-warming nominations, we’re pleased to announce that six Deserving Doorsteps will receive a hamper from Creamline this Christmas.

While Christmas is usually the most wonderful time of year, for many people this winter will be the most worrying time of the year. We’re thrilled to see how, as a community, many of you have pulled together to bring joy to a Deserving Doorstep. A massive thank you to everyone involved. Join us in giving the warmest congratulations to your Deserving Doorsteps!


Here are some snippets from the winning nominations:

‘He is a single parent raising three children all by himself. He offers football coaching to small kids in the area free of charge. He arranges activities during the summer holidays to the local kids to keep them busy and out of trouble. Jubril is our local hero.’ Jubril, nominated by Savanna.


‘Laurie is 70 in December and has recently had two knee operations which has affected her mobility for the moment. Even though she’s struggling herself, she cares for five different neighbours, all elderly and with health complications including dementia. Dave, her husband, does the gardening for so many neighbours too. Having spent the last two Christmases on their own due to Covid restrictions, I think Laurie and Dave deserve a little treat for all they do for our neighbourhood.’ Laurie and Dave, nominated by Anna.


‘Recently lost her son this year to kidney failure; he was her carer. She is now currently on her own and doesn’t leave the house much. It is her first Christmas without him this year. I think it would be lovely for her to feel that people still care.’ Suzanne, nominated by Rehana.


‘Marie is a lovely neighbour first and foremost. She always helped people look after their kids and pets and lends a shoulder to cry on for all in the street. But she has a very difficult year. She has almost completely lost her eyesight and is struggling. She would love to have nice things in to treat her grandkids when they visit near Christmas, but she is likely to be on her own on Christmas Day. A Christmas treat from Creamline would make her Christmas!’ Marie, nominated by Mia.


‘Emma works for the NHS on minimum wage and does all she can to support their children and their careers in music. She spends all her free time helping out at her daughter’s dance school and helps to support her son at the Royal Northern College of Music. Emma and her husband, who works for himself, always go out of their way to help others, without ever complaining. They struggle - at Christmas especially - to give their kids that bit extra.’ Emma, nominated by Monica.


‘Shona is a single parent of four children. Each child has specific educational needs. Shona is caring for them and doing a degree in occupational therapy so she can help others with needs like her children. She is a brilliant mum.’ Shona, nominated by Maxine.

Congratulations to all our winners, we hope your festive foodie bundle brings you some Christmas joy. Thank you to everyone who took time to nominate someone. 

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