Congratulations to our 2023 Deserving Doorsteps winners!

Congratulations to our 2023 Deserving Doorsteps winners!

Earlier this year we opened nominations for our Deserving Doorsteps initiative, asking for your help to bring a smile to a family member, friend, fellow community member or neighbour who may be having a challenging time, or someone goes above and beyond for the people in their life.

Thanks to your heartfelt nominations, we’ll be delivering four weekly helping hampers of milk and food essentials to your winning doorsteps across Manchester and Cheshire. We’d like to extend a big thank you to our Creamline community for your enthusiastic participation and support for Deserving Doorsteps over the past few years, we couldn’t do it without you!

We received many touching nominations, and choosing the winners was no easy feat. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our Deserving Doorsteps, with some snippets from the nominations in this blog.


“This lovely young lady is so kind to everyone despite being a single mum who lives in one bedroom accommodation with 3 young children. Despite her struggles, she cares really well for her 3 small children. Natalie never asks anyone for anything and it would be a tremendous help to her and the children if she is selected.” Natalie, nominated by Charlotte.


“My grandad is now 90 years old and quite frail, but he is still caring for his wife, who has dementia, at home. He never gets to go out anywhere because he refuses to leave her alone with other people as she may feel disorientated and disgruntled.” Joe, nominated by Rachel.


“Having just moved to the area, Annie doesn’t know anyone. She doesn't have a car and is selflessly looking after her husband who has just survived 3 major surgeries at the age of 72. Introducing them to Creamline would be life changing for them.” Annie, nominated by Lauren.


“One of our lifelines when my husband is away serving. They are always there to jump into the auntie and uncle roles without even asking, we appreciate you.” Leanne, nominated by Danielle.


“Teresa and her husband Derek have been my neighbours for 38 years, both hard working people. Teresa retired last year from being the school head cook. Teresa never complains about anything, she just gets on with life and looking after her beloved husband Derek. A doorstep delivery would give her a break from running to the local shops for essential things that are too heavy to carry.” Teresa, nominated by Marion.


“Edith is the most amazing 90 year old, living alone after the death of her husband 20+ years ago. Despite several challenging health issues, she is remorselessly independent, walking her dog religiously every day. She has just given up driving.” Edith, nominated by Chris.


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