A Fantastic End for Food Fortnight

A Fantastic End for Food Fortnight

It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks for the National Food Fortnight. The event is a celebration of all things food and drink:  National Food Fortnight started in 2002 in the wake of the British Foot and Mouth crisis as a way for everyone to get behind British food. It’s a large scale event that brings together many different food initiatives and projects.

Many well-known organisations take part and events are hosted at notable venues such as the Wembley Stadium, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. National Food Fortnight aims to increase interest in the British food industry, which is something that fits in well with our own ethos: as we get all our fruit and veg fresh from the local Smithfield market in Manchester and source all our milk from farms in Cheshire.

Time to get Cooking!

To show our support for the event and celebrate what a success it’s been, we’re sharing some delicious recipes to try at home. Read on for a three course meal cooking tutorial, so you can treat yourself to a full blown extravaganza!

First up, we’ve got a tasty starter to whet your appetite. This parsnip soup is fresh and fragrant; best of all it doesn’t take much preparation. It uses a few different vegetables, so there’s plenty of vitamins and it’s a really warming recipe – perfect as we transition into autumn.

Time for the main course. This one comes from our chef Nigel Brown who made this in the Creamline kitchen. This beef casserole is another autumnal recipe that’s slow cooked to ensure all the rich flavours of the beef and the many vegetables come together in perfect harmony.

We hope you’ve still got room for dessert because this one is packed with flavour. It’s a hearty baked apple sponge pudding. Rich in taste, it goes brilliantly when paired with a delicate vanilla ice cream.

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