Keep it local for British Food Fortnight

Keep it local for British Food Fortnight

The largest national celebration of our country’s best food, British Food Fortnight runs every Autumn on the last week of September and first week of October. At Creamline, we celebrate the Best of Local year-round and this annual celebration is the perfect chance to draw attention to the inspiring local producers we love working with!

If you frequently buy local produce, you’ll know how you can taste the difference in quality. But why else is buying British so worthwhile?


Support local farmers and producers

As a family-run business, we love working with other businesses where family is at the heart of what they do.  Let’s take a moment to raise a glass (of locally sourced fresh milk!) to some of our favourite Cheshire farmers, and toast what makes them so special:

With smaller, locally run farms, the care and quality that goes into looking after the cows and producing the final dairy product is a cut above the rest – and it’s all-hands-on-deck when it comes to the herd.

Joy and Andrew Wright work as a husband-and-wife team alongside their children on a farm which they moved into in 1989.

It's a job that I really like', Joy explains, 'perfect for making good use of your mothering instincts, and I get our two children Jack and Annabel to give me a helping hand.'

Nigel at Alumbrook Farm also worked on a family farm for many years before achieving his dream of owning his own herd of cows. Moo-sic to our ears!

Meanwhile, farmer Rob Ford and his family have been running Brindley Hall Farm since 1975 and they’re proud that their values are still the same. With care, dedication, and the help of three members of staff, the family takes care of over 275 cows to produce a whopping 2 million litres of milk of year! For the Fords, shared values are everything and they’re happy to know that working with the Creamline team helps people across the North West keep their food miles down through local deliveries.

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Feel connected to your food’s roots and your local community

One of the biggest perks of buying local is that you know exactly where your food has come from, and often, with many local businesses being family-run, who has made it.

Ruth from the Cheshire Cheese Company encapsulates exactly why buying local is better: “I think it’s all about traceability which leads to trust. There’s a definite growing fascination with provenance and that’s probably got something to do with everyone leading such busy lives these days – it helps us feel connected to our food’s roots and the local community, which has got to be a good thing”.

Produce imported from abroad often carries high carbon footprints. With less distance to travel, British food is the better option when it comes to the environmental impact of your food.


Broaden your taste horizons!

Finally, British food is noted for its remarkable craftsmanship and we’re proud to work with only the best local producers.

With a rich history that dates back six generations, Clotton Hall Dairy is just one example of a business that’s perfected its craft and is still using traditional family methods to this day. The farm is home to a variety of breeds, including Danish Red, Jersey and Holstein Friesians. Grazing outside for at least 250 days a year, it’s little wonder the herd produces top notch milk for Clotton’s renowned luxury dairy products.

With award winning jams, chutneys, curds and pickles, Mrs Darlington is another example of fantastic British craftmanship, as are our range of artisan farmhouse yoghurts from Ann Forshaw and finely blended teas and coffee from Worker Bee.

As many of us are choosing to eat meat more mindfully, when it comes to choosing your butchers, opting for local can give you the confidence that you’re choosing quality cuts and responsibly sourced meat. We’re proud to work with Little Pigs butchers in Didsbury to deliver grass-fed and free-range meat to your dinner table. Whether you’re roasting, frying or grilling, choose local for meat that’s better for your health and the environment.

There’s much more to be discovered in our entire Best of Local range – browse here.

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