Try this delicious curry in a hurry

We’ve got a mouth-wateringly delicious curry recipe for you to try – it’s the perfect way to add some heat into a cold January evening.

This week marked the start of the Indian festival Pongal, which celebrates the sun’s long six-month journey Northwards. Classed as a harvest festival: Pongal is a time when Indian and Sri Lankan people, especially Tamils, come together to thank their sun god for providing the energy from agriculture.

What better way to celebrate Pongal than by cooking up a storm, perhaps we can pray that the sun god makes an appearance around Greater Manchester too!   

In this video recipe, our resident chef Nigel Brown is going to be knocking up a fiery vegetable curry that will add a twist to your day, as well as guiding us through the steps to prepare a soothing cucumber & yogurt dressing, to strike the perfect balance with the spicy flavours of the curry.

This delicious curry has a whole range of different vegetables in it, from courgettes to carrots: so you can make a tasty meal that is good and nutritious as it is tasty. It’s a versatile recipe, so you can make this in bigger quantities: just head to the Creamline fruit & veg section and double or triple the quantities as necessary – did someone say curry night?

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