Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

For many of us, a new year signifies a new start, new beginnings and new opportunities, with healthy eating and losing weight often topping the list when it comes to self improvement!  We’re nearly three weeks into 2017 now and it’s a time when many of us have started slipping up on our New Year’s resolutions. 

For those of you whose resolutions are starting to seem a little shaky at this stage in January, in this blog post we’ve put together some tips on how to get back on the right track. Best of all, these tips and recipes are really easy to learn!

Low Calorie Meals

We’ve got three tasty meals for you to try at home. They’re really low in calories – each one is just 200 – 400 calories each:

Top Tips to Get Active

Exercise doesn’t have to mean expensive gym subscriptions or classes. There are loads of simple steps you can take to keep fit, which you can incorporate as part of your daily routine.

  • Always take the stairs – resist pressing the button for the lift and instead opt to go for the stairs, it’s a great way to burn some extra calories.
  • Stand when you can – a recent trend has been standing desks in offices but if you don’t fancy standing up all day, then don’t worry: just do it when you’re on the phone or at other intervals.
  • Walk whenever you can – walking, as well as being a good way to clear the mind, is also a good way to burn calories. Everyone can add a bit of walking into their day to day routine, you just have to resist getting in the car every now and then!

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