Start 2024 with a sustainable sip: Creamline’s guide to making everyday eco-friendly changes

Start 2024 with a sustainable sip: Creamline’s guide to making everyday eco-friendly changes

As we get stuck into a new year, it’s time to rethink our everyday choices for a more sustainable future. Here at Creamline, we believe making small, everyday changes to create a greener future and supporting local go hand in hand. Switching out your plastic-bottled milk for glass-bottled is one such change that you’ve likely made, but what about other little changes that you can make in 2024 that, over time, can lead to a much greener future for us all? In this blog, we explore little changes from making more swaps to glass to quick, digestible sustainability tips.


Expand your horizon to other glass-bottled milks and juices!

While our classic glass-bottled milks are a nod to traditional milkman delivery and a step towards a plastic-free future, there are now more glass-bottled drinks for you to try than ever – including ones that you may not have found on your doorstep in the early years!

Our glass-bottled range includes delicious juices (apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit and even fruit cocktail), yummy flavoured milks and Oato oat drink. We even do retro glass-bottled fizzing drinks – think old school dandelion & burdock and cream soda.

And for those of you looking to quench your thirst without disposable plastic, our Wenlock Spring still and sparkling waters bring you freshness and sustainability. 1,500 plastic water bottles, of which 91% are not recycled, are thrown away every second of the day, so if you’re on the go, swapping from plastic to glass-bottled water is an easy way to make a sustainable change.


Choose loose fruits and vegetables

In our journey towards a more sustainable future, choosing plastic-free fruits and vegetables when possible is a powerful step that each of us can take.

The environmental impact of plastic waste is staggering, with almost half ending up in landfill, 19% incinerated and only 9% recycled. In the UK alone, households throw away a staggering 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging a year, averaging 66 items per household per week.

Choosing plastic-free fruit and vegetables is one area where it can be easy to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging. We offer a wide range of plastic-free produce to help you do this. By handpicking fruits and veg from quality local markets, our aim is not just to provide you with fresh, quality produce, but to ensure they support sustainability. Our 100% plastic-free range puts our loose fruit and veg in one place so you can be sure any produce you buy will come without plastic packaging. Across the rest of our website, simply look out for our green and white plastic-free logo on our products.


Quick sustainability tips

As well as switching to other glass-bottled drinks and opting for loose fruit and veg over plastic packaged produce, here are a few other quick tips to help you start the year sustainably:


Choose local: Supporting local producers where possible not only helps stimulate local economies and communities, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, with your food having to travel less distance from farm to fork. Not only that but choosing local likely means you’ll be eating more seasonal produce, which is often more nutritious and tastier.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: You’re probably used to doing this with your glass-bottled milk and setting out your empties for your milkman to pick up, so why not apply this golden rule in all aspects of your daily life?

Be conscious of your choices outside the kitchen: As well as purchasing more loose produce, try to opt for other products that have minimal or no plastic packaging. It’s all about embracing sustainability in your life holistically.


A special offer to help start someone’s sustainability journey

As you embark on your sustainability journey in 2024, why not spread the word and bring a friend or family member along with you? Refer a friend to Creamline Dairies and both of you will receive £5 free on us, so you can spend trying some new plastic-free goodies. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing a greener path and supporting local.

Head to your customer dashboard to find your unique referral code which can be shared with up to three people. Your recipients can use the same code and you will be credited for each completed registration. 

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