Our free-range eggs will temporarily be labelled as barn eggs.

Why the labelling change? 

The health and welfare of the birds on the local farms we partner with is of utmost importance to us.  The government is continuing to advise that all free-range birds are temporarily kept inside due to a potential risk that birds may contract Avian Influenza.

This means that we will temporarily be labelling our free-range eggs as barn eggs, to reflect the short-term change in their status.  Some existing stock may still be labelled as free-range. However, over the next few days all eggs will be temporarily labelled as barn eggs.  

When does this labelling change end? 

We’re continuing to follow government advice, so will move back to free range eggs when the advice is to do so.  

Will there be a price change on the eggs? 

No, eggs temporarily labelled barn eggs will remain the same price as free-range eggs.  We’re committed to supporting our producers through this period.  

Are the eggs safe?  

By following guidance from the government to continue the temporary order for all free-range birds to be kept inside, we are helping to keep them safe.  

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