Making milk deliveries help when weaning

Making milk deliveries help when weaning

Milk deliveries could offer an unusual method of weaning your child on to eating vegetables - and the answer might not simply be to cut down on the amount of milk you give them. 

Researchers at the University of Leeds School of Psychology took inspiration from common practice in France, where mothers often add a little of the cooking water from their vegetables to the milk they give their young children.

They emulated this, by adding a little pureed vegetable to milk and then giving it to babies; they followed this with a second period during which the infants were fed rice, also with a little vegetable puree added.

Compared to a control group fed on plain milk and rice, the infants fed the vegetable-laced diet proved more willing to eat vegetables in the following days.

They preferred carrots in particular, but overall 46% more vegetable puree was consumed by those given it in their milk and rice.

Professor Marion Hetherington who led the study said: "Vegetables tend to be bitter, so a gradual introduction is an easy way to let children get used to them."

It's certainly an interesting study, but if you need advice about weaning, always seek professional advice.  However if you do choose to adopt such a method, Creamline can help keep your fridge stocked to help encourage your little ones to enjoy their vegetables more!

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