Home milk delivery can help prevent childhood tooth decay

Home milk delivery can be more than just a convenience for parents with young children; it could also help your child or toddler to avoid tooth decay.

A new survey published by Public Health England reveals that 12% of all three-year-olds have some degree of tooth decay.

Across the country, there is a wide range of prevalence of tooth decay, from 2% to as much as 34%, although 88% of all children aged 3 have no tooth decay at all.

But among those who have any signs of decay, the average number of affected teeth is three - and this can be a precursor of adult tooth decay too.

One of the main problems is called 'Early Childhood Caries', and these occur when sugary drinks are consumed from sipping cups and baby bottles, exposing the upper front teeth in particular to substances that promote the onset of decay.

Home milk delivery is an effective way to get a regular supply of fresh milk, which is a much better alternative to sugary drinks for young children.

"Breast feeding provides the best nutrition for babies and the best drinks for young children aged 1 to 2 are full fat milk and water," Public Health England said.

"From 2 years old, semi-skimmed milk and water [are best] as long as they are a good eater."

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