Local milk delivery and the end of EU milk quotas

Local milk delivery and the end of EU milk quotas

From April 1st, EU milk quotas are due to be lifted completely - but what does that mean for your local milk delivery?

Well if you're a Creamline customer, your local milk delivery will be just as 'local' as it has always been, with all of our bottle milk sourced from dairy farms just a few miles from .our dairy. 

This means when you buy a pint of Creamline bottle milk, you're getting milk from cows bred and fed locally, a true product of the region's landscape.

By comparison, a report from Rabobank says dairy farmers elsewhere in the EU will wake up on April 1st already facing substantial competition from overseas.

"Farmers in many EU regions will have to compete with lower priced milk from other production regions where farm consolidation and efficiency has progressed more quickly," the report warns.

But the true cost of imported milk is in its carbon footprint, the potentially poorer welfare of the dairy herds from which it is produced, and the loss of the economic benefits of British-made milk.

When you buy locally, by comparison, you support Britain's great farmers, your money goes back into the economy, and you know that the cattle herd are kept to the correct welfare standards too.

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