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Did you catch the BBC’s War On Plastic show earlier this week? A cause close to our hearts, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and co-presenter Anita Rani tackled the plastic pollution problem to see if things have changed since the ‘Blue Planet Effect’.

With shocking scenes in Malaysia, the programme showed how plastic waste from the UK is piled and abandoned – and not only this, recycling waste had found its way there too. Presenter Hugh found that most of this ‘recycled’ waste is very unlikely to actually be recycled, with huge amounts simply incinerated on the side of the road.

When it comes to plastic bottles, the UK’s usage is growing by about 9% per year. Many of the items we see in supermarkets are plastic-wrapped, with over a third of plastic coming from the supermarket shop.

Making the switch with Creamline

One of the easiest, fastest changes you can make is by signing up for glass bottled milk. Our bottles are washable, and are reused numerous times, directly cutting out any plastic bottle usage.

Our plastic-free icon also highlights items without plastic packaging, helping you to reduce your usage in the weekly shop. Ordering in as and when you need from us can help reduce your intake too – we offer free, next-day delivery on our orders.

Not registered yet? Head here to get started, and don’t miss the next War On Plastic episode on Monday!

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