How local milk delivery helps you get your oats

People arrange local milk delivery for all sorts of reasons - you might enjoy more than the average number of cuppas, have a penchant for a bowl of cereal before bed, or you might just like a glass of the white stuff on its own.

But one use of bottle milk that's as hotly debated as the issue of Scottish independence is its use in making porridge.

Porridge made with milk is sweeter and offer all of the nutrition you'd expect from bottle milk on its own; yet many people, especially north of the border, prefer their porridge to be a more savoury dish made with water.

Now one of the biggest brands in the oats industry has made a clear statement in favour of milky porridge, as Larry, the character on Quaker Oats packaging, is about to get a milk moustache.

It's part of a collaboration in the US between Quaker's owners, PepsiCo, and the Milk Processor Education Program, or MilkPEP.

The packaging should start to appear in stores from October - so will this end the debate?

Probably not, but it's a big-brand endorsement for all of you who like to put your local milk delivery to work adding calcium, protein, and just a little sweetness to your oats.

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