Home milk delivery banishes fridge fears

Home milk delivery can help you to keep your cool, without having to face the fears of what might be lurking in your fridge.

According to research gathered from Confused.com, nearly a quarter of Britons clean their fridge only once every three months! Only o
ne in seven admit to having spilt something in the fridge and not cleaned it up, and a shocking 75% say they store leftovers without making a note of what day they are from.

This research emphasises the  potential health horrors lurking behind an otherwise clean-looking door - where milk and milk products are likely to be stored.

It was discovered that 89% of us use our fridges to store cheese and milk, while a lower percentage of 82% keep butter in the fridge.
 Confused.com state that there are some unusual other items alongside the milk and milk products in some fridges too; 8% of those surveyed said they keep pet food in the fridge as well!

Home milk delivery might not clean your fridge out for you, but it will at least mean your bottle milk is always fresh, if you order the right amount for a few days at a time - putting to rest one worry about what's really happening in your fridge.

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