Helping feathered friends through the colder months

You don’t need to be an avid bird watcher to love spotting wildlife in your garden and as the weather turns colder, now is a great time to lend a helping hand to feathered friends preparing for winter. Here is some helpful advice on how to welcome wildlife to your garden and how Creamline is making it easier than ever.


Why feed the birds?

Putting out bird food is a great way of enticing wildlife into your garden but it also serves a very important purpose. Birds require food that is high in fat during the winter months, to help maintain their reserves and survive those icy evenings, with the shorter days leaving less time to search for food.

Finding food and making sure enough of it is eaten is the biggest test for birds during autumn and winter, making them vulnerable to predators and open to infection. With insects often making a hasty retreat to secluded areas and berries becoming buried under snow, many a bird won’t survive the season.


What food is best?

Just like us humans, different birds eat different things – so when you next take a look at your garden, try to spot which birds call it home. Sparrows and finches like seeds, blue tits like anything high in fat and thrushes and robins tend to like fruit and worms. Take a look at the RSPB food guide, to create the perfect meal for your visitors.

If you are leaving out food, remember that some snacks are better than others. For instance, stale bread is actually very low in nutrition, so that birds will often be on the hunt for food once more. Avoid anything too salty, which is poisonous to small birds, instead opt for anything high in fat, such as leftover crumbs of this year’s Christmas pud.


Call on Creamline for your bird food

At Creamline we deliver to homes across the country, in the small hours of the morning - which means we spot many a sparrow in need of a little treat. So, we’ve taken the hard work out of making your garden a haven, by teaming up with Feldy, who specialise in creating ethically produced bird food products, with all their ingredients and packaging sourced from local suppliers.

From bird fat balls, to premium seed and feeders to house your wildlife snacks, you can add these items to your regular Creamline order, with free delivery to your door. 

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